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  • Top 5 big city destinations in the world

    Seoul skyline

    Seoul skyline ©Joop/Flickr

    Not everyone is a great fan of beaches, mountains or other natural attractions. Some prefer the business of urban areas, the lifestyle, the multitude of experiences, the variety of entertainment options.

    That is why we have gathered for you the top 5 city destinations in the world with some info so you can decide which metropolis do you want to visit during your next city break or even a longer vacation.

  • Must do with kids in Disney World

    Fireworks at Cindarella Castle

    Cindarella Castle ©Eric Danley/Dlickr

    The famous Disney World in Orlando is quite probably the most visited attraction in the entire world with nearly 53 million people coming here every year, so they must know a thing or two about entertainment in this 39  miles (25,000 acres) giant theme park.

    Now most people would come here with their family and it might be difficult to decide which one(s) of the hundreds of programs and activities to try out from Disney’s water parks to the Cindarella Castle, so here is what you must do with kids while you are in this magical land.

  • Places with the clearest sky for star-gazing

    The Mlky Way over Utah

    The Milky Way over Utah ©Mike Durkin/Flickr

    Night sky disappeared before our eyes. Hundreds of thousands of stars that could be seen with the naked eye before are now almost invisible because of the bright lights of the cities.

    Throughout Europe and the United States studies have shown that children who are born in our time, have a chance to see 10 times less of this night sky. Although many people think that they have an idea of ​​the stars and see them in the night , this gift of our from nature is a rarity these days. Worldwide there are few places where you can see a complete picture of the night sky, here are some places with the clearest sky for star-gazing.

  • The most magical places in Spain

    The Alhambra in Granada

    The Alhambra ©Will Clayton/Flickr

    Spain is a favorite destination for visitors coming to Europe and attracts many tourists with its extensive beaches and spectacular coastline. However, many expect more from their holiday than just to dangle at the beach or at the pool.

    As you may see in the video and article below, Spain also offers incredible adventures and magical places, so here are some sights that you should definitely not miss if you want to get goosebumps. 

  • The Dolomites of South Tyrol


    Rosengarten dolomites ©** Maurice **/Flickr

    The mountains of South Tyrol, the Dolomites, are the most beautiful feature of the whole region – at least that’s what I think. The mountains are 250 million years old and were formed from coral reefs.

    Watch the video about the region and learn more about the Dolomites of South Tyrol now so, maybe it will help you make up your mind about a vacation to Northern Italy!

  • Top 5 must see small towns in Switzerland

    View over Lake Thun in Switzerland

    Lake Thun ©calflier001/Flickr

    Switzerland is a rather small country in the heart of Europe mostly known for its mountains, watches and large cities such as Zurich or Geneva. However, the country is virtually full of must see small towns – of which we collected here the top 5 destinations definitely worth to visit.

    Now you even have a chance to win a traditional Swiss holiday to any of these small towns – learn how from the  video below by, the official website of Switzerland Tourism.

  • The most beautiful castles in Wales

    Pembroke Castle

    Pembroke Castle ©Andrew Last/Flickr

    With more than 600 – yes, six hundred – castles in the country, Wales is sometimes referred to as the Capital of Castles. Many of them are ruins, others are restored and even used as homes, but they are all amazing!

    Read about some of the most beautiful castles in Wales but first watch the short video about the beauties of this amazing land.

  • Top 5 natural wonders in Britain

    Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire

    Brimham Rocks ©burge5k/Flickr

    It might not be the land of immense forests or the highest mountains, but Great Britain has got some of the most mysterious landscapes that will instantly charms you and take you back into the time of legends and myths.

    In the short video Jamie Oliver himself will invite you to visit Britain and explore its wonders, watch and then enjoy the top 5 natural wonders in Britain.

  • Top 5 best reasons to visit Norway any time

    Sled pulled by dogs

    Sled pulled by dogs ©Travel Manitoba/Flickr

    I personally love Scandinavia and its peoples, so I could give countless reasons for why one should go there this instant, but as Norway is especially dear to my heart, I have collected my top 5 best reasons to visit Norway any time.

    If you also watch the below video by Norway’s Tourism Board, you can get some inspiration from the beautiful places you can see in the video – and the crazy people expressing their happiness in a very noisy manner…

  • Top five diving destinations in the Maldives

    Approaching the Maldives

    Approaching the Maldives ©thetravelguru/Flickr

    The Maldives has a reputation for its beautiful beaches and gorgeous, translucent waters. Visitors to the islands are often dazzled by the wealth of life that can be found under those blue waves as well.

    Stunning coral reefs and a mind-blowing variety of fish have made holidays to the Maldives a particular favorite for divers, snorkelers and water babies in general. Here are five of the top sites that should be on your list.

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