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  • Top 10 Christmas Destinations

    They say Christmas isn’t Christmas unless you’re far away and homesick, missing the guys and girls back home but cherishing the ones next to you. I’m not saying spending Christmas at home, next to your loved ones, watching the snow flakes dribble their way down from the sky and unwrapping presents under the tree is not something I enjoy, in fact I’m a bit old fashioned in this sense and I love that picture I just painted.

    But there are people out there that have a pronounced sense of adventure and love to travel, experiencing Christmas in different settings each year. For you guys, here’s my tip for 10 lovely Christmas destinations:

  • Welcome to our new corporate blog

    Welcome to all of you savvy travelers! I will be updating all of you once in a while about what’s happening at Travelgrove. This is my first blog, so let me just tell you what to expect here. I would like to get a conversation going with all of you who love to travel, and think that they can add value on here. Adding value is difficult in the travel search space and differentiation is tough. So all of your comments will be listened to carefully and evaluated. Maybe we’ll together find new directions and features for this site.

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