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  • Five Original Ways to Spend Easter

    In just a few days, Easter will be here – the Christianity’ most important holiday is also a good reason to take a break from your daily routine and do something you haven’t done in a long time. All around the Christian world, people have established their own easter rituals and routines.

    But spending your day at home surrounded by tons of food and all that festive atmosphere can sometime become pretty intoxicating: you might get rather annoyed and bored instead of being happy and relaxed. This is why we came up with this short list of unusual Easter traditions, meant at adding a little excitement and a fair dose of surprise in your Easter vacation:

  • 5 Amazing Canadian Cities that You Just Can’t Miss

    The upcoming summer represents a great opportunity to cross on the other side of Niagra Falls and get acquainted with Canada’s infinite woods and that particular humming of its cosmopolitan cities.

    Whether you are an adventure seeker (in this case, Canada is the country of all possibilities – and here I’m referring not only to its vast wilderness areas, but also at cities like Toronto and Vancouver that are famous for their nightlife) or just a curios traveler, you must have already intuited Canada’s enormous potential. In the following paragraphs, I will try to uncover some of Canada’s must sees – and the reasons behind their popularity.

  • America’s Most Fabulous Historic Routes

    No matter for which part of the United States you are heading this summer, it is always a good idea to check what attractions you might find in your way. Rather than spending hours in a row in some obscure rest area along the highway, your could use that precious time to visit some less known historic building or natural curiosity. It’s very likely that a 21 century road trip won’t transform you into a men of the west; but it represents, however, a great opportunity to visit some unique attractions and refresh your knowledge of the American history.

    Following one of America’s historic routes is also a great way to make your journey children-friendly and help them learn a thing or two about their ancestors:

  • 2010 top most RV-friendly destinations



    Buying an RV is the rolling stone’s best cure against homesickness. This way, not only you can take all your precious belongings with you, but you won’t have to worry about finding decent accommodation, losing your baggage  or spending all your money on an over-priced hotel room.

    It has been proved that traveling with an RV is much cheaper than paying for both the airplane and the hotel. Although is is true that buying an RV represents a serious investment, if you are a frequent traveler, you will regain your money in a few years. Not to mention that RV lifestyle is the beholder of one priceless asset: absolute freedom. While a room in some highly popular location can cost you several hundred dollars, you can just park your RV in a specially reserved area and be right in the middle of the action – no strings attached.

    So, in case you are in the possession of this wonderful vehicle or you’re contemplating the idea of buying one, here are some destinations worthy of a visit:

  • Top five most spectacular festivals in the world

    Festivals are just another way in which humanity expresses its astonishment when faced with the wonders of the universe. From immemorial times, festivals and celebrations have determined people to travel to the most remote places, and join the most heterogeneous crowds as if they were in the middle of a huge family.

    There is nothing that can beat that unique celebration atmosphere – which is also  why festivals occupy such a an important place in the touristic circuits. Although there is no universal standard that would establish which festivals are the most entertaining, the weirdest or the most aesthetically pleasing, today we dare presenting you a top of the of the world most colorful, most spectacular festivals:

  • Five Fabulous Resorts around the Black Sea



    During the latest years, the Black Sea resorts have managed to enter the European summer migration circuit: while while the westerners, in search for new experiences and more affordable rates, area heading towards the eastern European countries, the Eastern Europeans are more and more attracted by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

    Despite the facts that the Black Sea lacks the characteristic clarity of the Mediterranean, the absence of tides and sharks makes its waters much safer. All around this inland sea, one can find the ruins of ancient Greek colonies, modern ports and isolate fishermen villages. We now give you five of the best Black Sea resorts:

  • Five Affordable Beach Destinations

    Although the upcoming summer calls for some days of total relaxation in the exclusive company of foamy waves, salty breeze and a bucketful of ice cream, many of you are probably wondering if, after all this financial crisis hysteria, it would be wise to spend your already compromised savings on some exotic beach vacation.

    Well, first of all, you must take into account that tour operators and everyone in the tourism business are not doing so well, either – many of them are still willing to lower their rates. Second, if everyone would go to Ibiza, Copacabana or Miami, things could get really ugly.

    And third, why not taking the small risk of exploring some little known destination, where you could get more privacy, all the excitement of discovering a new culture and surprising landscapes – all these for more than decent rates? Just drop a an eye of these amazing destinations:

  • Top five cruise ships for 2010

    The last 2 years haven’t been quite the most glorious times for the cruising industry: many cruise operators have struggled to remain on the surface. Bu times of crisis also times of innovation: in their attempt to attract as many customers as they can, cruise lines not only lowered their prices (and consequently became accessible to a new category of customers), but managed to come up with all kinds of new additions like  state of the art entertainment facilities, freestyle cruising, on-board spa centers etc. Cruise operators are also manifested a tendency to specialize in all kinds of niche domains: some focus more on entertainment, others on the quality of food, sports or privacy. Whether you are looking for a romantic escape or a fun family trip, here are some of the best cruise ships that you can try for 2010:

  • The cheese lover’s guide to Europe

    Its centennial cheese tradition represents yet another reason to visit Europe. Countries like France, Italy or Germany are famous all over the world for the cheese varieties they have perfectioned through the years. Another great thing about the cheese producing countries is that, in case you decide to go along their cheese routes, you are very likely to encounter some of these countries the most beautiful rural landscapes.

    Whether you are a fan of feta, Roquefort, mozzarella or gorgonzola, you must also take into account that there are numerous cheese varieties of cheese to be discovered in other parts of Europe: take the Balkans, for example. For today’s post, we selected five of the most popular places where can smell, taste and watch the fascinating art of cheese making:

  • Kenya 101

    It hasn’t been much since we dedicated a whole week to South Africa and all the historical, cultural and natural treasures encompassed by this captivating country. Although South Africa is a very diverse country, there is so much more to explore through the African continent.

    One of the best countries to visit is Kenya, a country famous for its tea, coffee and wildlife safaris. These three ‘products’ also represent Kenya’s main export  when it comes to traveling. However, few people are aware of the country’s religious and cultural diversity, or the beauty of its landscapes. It could take you a whole year just to see everything there is to see in Kenya. However, here is what you shouldn’t miss during a regular vacation:

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