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  • Five Original Ways to Spend Easter

    In just a few days, Easter will be here – the Christianity’ most important holiday is also a good reason to take a break from your daily routine and do something you haven’t done in a long time. All around the Christian world, people have established their own easter rituals and routines.

    But spending your day at home surrounded by tons of food and all that festive atmosphere can sometime become pretty intoxicating: you might get rather annoyed and bored instead of being happy and relaxed. This is why we came up with this short list of unusual Easter traditions, meant at adding a little excitement and a fair dose of surprise in your Easter vacation:

    San Francisco, USA

    When it comes for oddities you can also place your bet on San Francisco. The cosmopolitan city by the bay has found it’s own ways to celebrate Easter. Except of the classical Spring Celebration and Easter Parade on Union Street, one of the most anticipated events is represented by the “Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race”. The participation to this exciting race is open to everybody and implies the steep street descending Potrero Hill, a children’s tricycle and a bit of courage.

    United Kingdom

    The egg rolling contests have been part of the English people’s favorite way of spending Easter for years . Egg rolling contests are taking place all over the country, and, although some rules may differ, they basically consist in rolling a hard boiled egg down the hill. If you think that flying up to Lancashire, UK is too much of an effort just to watch an egg rolling contest, you can as well go to Washington, DC and basically do the same thing.


    An  totally secular tradition tales place each Easter in Norway. During the short Easter vacation, people like to stay at home and read …crime stories! You might find it hard to believe, but the tradition is also a century old – it’s very likely that the tradition started in the early twenties when the Easter edition of a national newspaper came out with the add for a crime novel printed on the main page.

    Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic (and also its neighbors, Hungary and Slovakia) is a serious candidate for the title ‘beholder of the weirdest Easter tradition’. On Easter Monday, it’s up to the men to fetch a young willow twig and chase the young women in order to spank them. This centennial habit that would outrage even the most moderate feminist is actually meant to attract beauty and health upon the spanked women (however, in Romania and Poland, the habit took a less radical form, in which men are sprinkling women with perfume or plain water).

    Mountain resort, everywhere in the world

    The first part of April marks the end of the ski season. The Easter vacation is your last chance to hit the slopes during this season; deciding to put on your skis instead of your bath suit might represent an exciting way to spend the Easter. As for recommended destinations, here you are free to choose one that fits both your tastes and pocket: now matter how far or isolated, be sure that the Bunny will still find you.

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