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  • 5 Amazing Canadian Cities that You Just Can’t Miss

    The upcoming summer represents a great opportunity to cross on the other side of Niagra Falls and get acquainted with Canada’s infinite woods and that particular humming of its cosmopolitan cities.

    Whether you are an adventure seeker (in this case, Canada is the country of all possibilities – and here I’m referring not only to its vast wilderness areas, but also at cities like Toronto and Vancouver that are famous for their nightlife) or just a curios traveler, you must have already intuited Canada’s enormous potential. In the following paragraphs, I will try to uncover some of Canada’s must sees – and the reasons behind their popularity.


    The small town of Neepawa is better known for its ‘literary’ merits: here is where the famous Canadian writer, Margaret Lawrence, spent most of her adult life (her memorial home is now the city’s main attraction). However, another curiosity makes this city worth of a visit is the fact that it is home to a great variety of lilies, which are celebrated each year during the Neepawa Lily Festival.

    Banff National Park

    Once you’ve reached the city of Banff (whose name, by the way, derives from an old Scottish toponyme – Banffshire), you’ll be, quite literally, as high as one can get – at 4,537 feet above sea level, Banff is the highest city in Canada.

    Here in the heart of the Canadian Rockies you’ll be able to explore the wonders of Canada’s oldest nature reserve: Banff National Park. Feel free to scout the thousands of miles of hiking trails, grottoes and watch animals like the wapiti, the mountain cougar, hoary marmot and pika.


    The city of Edmonton in the province of Alberta is a must for any sport lovers or socialites in their way through Canada. The impressive numbers of festivals and cultural events (Edmonton International Fringe Festival, Edmonton International Street Performers Festival, Capital EX) that take place in Edmonton attracted an interesting nickname upon Edmonton: “The Festival City”. As for team sports like hockey, rugby or baseball, let’s just say that, Edmonton has provided Canada with numerous champions.


    Also known as “The Polar Bear Capital of the World” or the “Beluga Capital of the World”, this distant port at the Arctic Sea needs no other comments: it’s the ideal location for watching polar bears, Beluga whales and rare species of birds. Churchill is also a good place for the study of vegetation zones like the boreal forest and arctic tundra. Visiting this place in late summer will give you the chance to watch mesmerizing splendor of Aurora Borealis.

    Nanoose Bay

    Situated on the east side of Vancouver Island, Nanoose bay represents an first class destination for anyone interested in canoing, fishing, hiking and windsurfing. The small community of Nanoose Bay welcomes thousands of boaters every year, attracted by the deep waters and picturesque views of the coast. Far from the agitation of Vancouver, golfers will find here both the quietness and elegant courses necessary in achieving the perfect hit.

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