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  • The longest train trips in the world

    The Canadian, photo by Simon Pielow

    In the age of jet travel, fewer and fewer people take the train when traveling, and the reasons are obvious: it takes a fraction of the time needed for a train trip, it is more comfortable and you can travel greater distances without minding the obstacles, across mountains and oceans.

    But those travelers who feel some measure of nostalgia for the long-gone days when traveling was not quite as widespread as today will probably still look fondly at trains and railway stations.

    A train trip is far from being a waste of time even today, even if it takes as much time as a whole holiday would last. You get to meet interesting people, you rush past wonderful scenery and do some introspection on your way to some great destination. For railway fans, here are the longest train trips in the world.

    Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia

    The vast expanses of Russia could probably be crossed in a matter of hours if you take the plane from Moscow to Valdivostok, but when you are planning on crossing over 9200 kilometers by train, you should prepare for a week-long journey.

    The trip from the Russian capital to the largest Russian port city at the Pacific takes approximately 178 hours, not considering the delays (which are quite likely, actually). The Rossiya 002 train leaves on alternate days, and seeing as it can be quite busy you should book a ticket in advance.

    Guangzhou to Lhasa, China/Tibet

    Guangzhou Train Station, photo by Rain Rannu

    The bustling Chinese business center of Guangzhou is not a bad place for a holiday if you can get past the first impression of a crowded urban jungle.

    But if you are a train enthusiast who needs to get away from Guangzhou, you can take the train toL hasa, the high-altitude capital of the autonomous region of Tibet, the ‘land of gods’ and the former home of the Dalai Lama. The trip covers almost 5000 kilometers and takes only about 55 hours to complete.

    Toronto to Vancouver, Canada

    The aptly named Canadian, a transcontinental passenger train, is one of the best ways to get a tour of Canada’s most stunning landscapes. This legendary longhaul trip is not your run-of-the-mill budget travel experience, quite the contrary: it is renowned for its comfort, fine dining and panoramic views (in the Skyline and Park cars). The trip is four days of luxury that seems to recalls the golden age of railway travel.

    Sydney to Perth, Australia

    photo by Amanda Slater

    Those who have a thing for traversing continents on land can try a trip across Australia from the the largest and oldest city on the continent to the isolated capital of Western Australia.

    Both cities have much to keep you busy with, from nightlife to cultural attractions and beaches, and although they are similar in many ways, they have enough particularities to keep you interested in them. The trip takes two days and a half for a distance of over 4500 kilometers, which gives you ample time to admire the wild Australian countryside.

    Dibrugarh to Kanniyakumari, India

    Dibrugarh is the second largest city in Assam, and the gateway to three huge tea-producing regions and a good base of exploration for tea-lovers, and a city with several nice sights. The Vivek Express leaving from Dibrugarh travels over 4200 kilometers to the town of Kanniyakumari, and the trip lasts almost 4 days. Kanniyakumari is a truly special place, at the confluence of three bodies of water: the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean.


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    Thomas Vadakkan wrote on December 16, 2015:

    It even takes a train travel’s time to learn to pronounce Vladivostok. No wonder…

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