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  • The coolest rainforest destinations in the world

    Corcovado National Park, photo by Miguel Vieira on Flickr

    Our planet would not be the same if we didn’t have rainforests, and the world as we know it would most likely be replaced by a harsher, much more inhospitable place. Rainforests produce almost a third of the planet’s oxygen turnover, they are home to more then a half of the world’s species and their are vast natural pharmacies where a quarter of our natural medicine originates from these majestic places. Some of the most incredible wonders of the world can be found in rainforests – animals, plants and natural environments that are so beautiful that they take your breath away. Delve into the mysterious world of rainforests by visiting some of the coolest rainforest destinations in the world.

  • Top 5 unusual New Year’s ideas

    New Year's party on Copacabana Beach, photo by Thiago M Bernardo on Flickr

    On New Year’s Even, most people usually go to a party, have a nice dinner, dance and drink and make resolutions for the upcoming year. And while this is a pretty fun way to spend the last night of the year, after years and years of doing the same thing for New Years, it’s not unthinkable that you should want a change. So what is there to do? You can either go somewhere you’ve never been before, celebrate New Year’s in a different time zone, join the locals in some fun traditions or do something that is not in the least related to New Year’s. Let your imagination run wild and maybe these top 5 unusual New Year’s ideas will give you some inspiration.

  • Top 5 most exciting beaches in South America

    Praia de Sibaúma, photo by Priscilla Silveira on Flickr

    A beach is so much more than a stretch of sand on the shores of a sea or ocean – it is a place with its own stories, atmosphere, regulars and history, and we can easily say that there are no two beaches alike in the world. South America’s miles and miles of coastline and a sizable chunk of tropical and subtropical portion of the continent made it possible for some of the best beaches in the world to be located here. You can find any type of beach here, from sizzling palm-fringed wonders to surfing paradises and secluded pebbly coves. If you only want the creme de la creme of beaches, here are top 5 most exciting beaches in South America.

  • 5 Christmas traditions worth traveling for

    photo credits:

    Many people are reluctant to travel at Christmas because they don’t like the crowds, the inflated prices, or maybe they just don’t want to deal with the cultural shock of not being able to celebrate the holiday in a way that there are used to. But there are tons of places in the world that become incredibly interesting at Christmastime, and not only because of decorations and events, but also because different countries have different Christmas traditions that you  might not have heard of. If you are ready to experience Christmas in a different way then before, then here are 5 Christmas traditions worth traveling for, to open up your appetite.

  • Top 5 life-changing North African adventures

    Morocco, Skoura

    Morocco, Skoura, photo by amerune on Flickr

    Much of North Africa has gone through some serious hurdles in the past year or so, which might have put many travelers off going to this part of the world. But the political and civil storms in these North African countries is settling down, and and if you are the kind of traveler who likes to make a change in the world as well as have fun, then traveling to North Africa is the best thing you can do right now. Countries like Tunisia or Egypt benefit greatly from the income generated by tourism, and they are trying to attract more visitors with lower prices then before. And even if you can make a change, a change might also happen to you. Here are the top 5 life-changing North African adventures that might give you a new perspective on life and its wonders.

  • The world’s best places to see the sunset

    As cliche as watching the sunset may sound, few people can remain unimpressed when faced with the last rays of sunlight, the mellow purple and orange shades of the sky and, why not, the romanticism of the whole experience. Watching the sunset should be no problem for anyone, wherever they live in the world, but beautiful as they are all, not all sunsets are equal. Some of the most stunning sunsets in the world can be seen in exceptional places. Should you travel to these places only to see the sunset? Sure, especially since the sunset is definitely not the only thing about them that will impress you. Here are the world’s best places to see the sunset.

  • The craziest base jumping spots in the world

    When it comes to extreme sports of all kinds, what you do is just as important as where you do it. Not many people would enjoy paragliding over a boring industrial town or bungee jumping above a boring car park. And this is why people are prepared to travel large distance to practice their extreme sports of choice, so that they will be able to get that adrenaline rush in an amazing place that will make the whole experience of whole lot better. Base jumping is no different, especially since the place where you jump off should be pretty tall in the first place, and it should also have a nice view. Base jumping is a dangerous and crazy sport, but if you are a fan of it (or you’d just like to see people base jump) here are the craziest base jumping destinations in the world.

  • Top 5 reasons to visit Honduras

    Copan, photo by Adal-Honduras

    If you are interested in Central America history, Central American cultures, colonial history, ruins, you should go to Honduras. And you should do the same if your interests run more along the lines of beaches, nice architecture, great nightlife, natural parks of snorkeling. To put it simply, Honduras is one of those countries where anyone, regardless of what they’re interested in, will find something to like. If you haven’t given much thought to visit this interesting country before, here are top 5 reasons to visit Honduras that might just convince you.

  • The most exciting city parks in the world

    Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

    A city without some green space is a sad city, and when it comes to city parks there can never be too many. And while a little patch of green will always make the urban jungle seem like a more pleasant place, it must be said that some city parks are just better than the others. Creating a city park that tempts you to walk right in every time you pass it by is no easy feat, but some of these parks that you find all over the planet are so beautifully and elegantly executed that you’d have to be a true nature hater not to give in, and take a stroll. So here are some of the most exciting city parks in the world.

  • The most fashionable cities in the world


    Rome, Via Condotti, photo by GabrieleThe fashion industry has gone global a long time ago, but although you can find brand shops and haute couture is many of the big cities of the planet, everyone with even a fleeting interest in fashion knows that some cities are bona fide fashion hotspots, while others are just your run of the mill cities full of well dressed people. If you couldn’t care less about fashion, there are still reasons for you to visit some of the most fashionable cities in the world, so even if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a designer scarf you can spend your time visiting glitzy street lined with elegant shops, or watch the fashionable crowd pass you by while lounging in a nice sidewalk cafe, taking a break from sightseeing.

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