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  • The best kayaking destinations in the world

    For the uninitiated, a kayak seems like a very improbable thing to float on water with. Kayaks (similarly to canoes, but with lots of little differences) are small, look rather fragile and not very trustworthy. But appearance aside, kayaks are really one of the best types of small boats you can wish for, and their success is obvious seeing as they haven been used by people for thousands of years. Kayaks were invented by the Inuit and were initially made from animal skin, but nowadays they have spread throughout the world and they have been modified and even improved in lots of ways.  So if you are ready to get really close to water, paddling peacefully or hurdling over rocks, here are some of the best kayaking destinations in the world.

  • The best Mediterranean island-hopping destinations

    Unlike tropical paradises where there’s sun and hot weather almost all year long, the islands of the Mediterranean Sea are a seasonal attraction for beach goers. So since you only get a few months per year to enjoy the Mediterranean islands, there’s all the more reason to hop on the plane or a boat and spend some time on the sun-drenched beaches of an island, nibbling on some aromatic local treat, perhaps under the shade of an olive bush laden with fruit. Hop from island from island and stay a few days on each of them, bask in the romantic, relaxed atmosphere of these place: visit some of the best Mediterranean island-hopping destinations.

  • The best wax museums in the world

    photo by Abhijeet Rane

    Sculptors and painters have been obsessed for ages with the representation of human form as accurately as possible, but no form of art has ever come closer to copying the human body as the craft of wax sculpture creators. If you’ve seen a wax statue even if only in a picture, you were probably struck by how closely they resemble the people they were modeled on. Wax museums have been around since the end of the 18th century, when artist Marie Tussaud started touring Europe with her statues. So if you want to see the wax replica of some past or present celebrity whom you’d like to meet, here are the best wax museums in the world.

  • The camper’s guide to glamping

    photo by Stephanie Chapman

    Times change, and so does travel, and if ten years ago something like ‘glamping’ would have sounded ridiculous, this type of travel is gaining more and more ground nowadays. Glamping, or glamorous camping, is less of a contradiction as it sounds, because luxury camping is indeed possible, and not only if you pay through your teeth for tour packages that will make you sleep in semi-permanent upscale camping grounds that take out all authenticity from a travel experience. Glamping will not take the joy out of camping, but it will allow you to travel in style. Read on for a camper’s guide to glamping!

  • Top 10 travel experiences that you shouldn’t miss

    Traveling is never boring, and there are few people who don’t have fond memories of holidays spent roaming the globe, exploring a city or country where they’ve never been before. Experiencing something new and exciting is the essence of travel, and a successful trip is usually a trip that teaches something about a place or the people living there. So if you are willing to expand your horizons while traveling, here’s a list of the ultimate top 10 travel experiences that you shouldn’t miss in your life!

  • Adventure travel in Africa

    There are tons of way to travel, and no two travelers will have the same experience at the same destination, because how your trip turns out to be depends on the traveler, their preferences and their needs. But no matter how differently people might perceive a destination, when it comes to the vast African continent, adventure usually comes to mind. Such a diverse part of the globe as Africa, with all its different countries and cultures are a gold mine for travelers looking for cultural experiences, but the continents natural wonders and astounding wealth of wildlife make it a haven for adventurers. So here’s a short guide to adventure travel in Africa, to open up your appetite.

  • Top 10 most beautiful castles in the world

    Childhood love for castles, forts and all the accessories that come with it is rarely completely overcome, and as a grown up traveler, anyone can indulge in their secret (or not so secret) love for castles in several destinations where castles are considered to be a very serious business. In Europe, castles and palaces have a long tradition, and in countries like France, Germany or the UK castles are some of the most beloved tourist attractions. Castles, however, come in many shapes and sizes, from medieval storybook-style castles, to marvels of Asian architecture and other castles. So if you like castles, here are the top 10 most beautiful castles in the world.

  • The best tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur

    Malaysia is a great destination to visit regardless of what you’re looking for in a holiday: culture, history or fun, and as expected, the country’s capital is the cherry on top of this amazing destination. Kuala Lumpur is a huge city that has so much to show off that you find something new to see every time to visit it, and luckily, many of the best attractions in the city are free. Kuala Lumpur is has become so much more than a ‘muddy estuary’ (which is what the name of the city means, and which was fitting back in the days when it was a tiny tin-mining village) – a huge, bustling metropolis. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, for those who are visiting this great city.

  • Top 5 party islands in the world

    There are some places on the planet where parties are absolutely mundane, and interestingly enough, these places are often islands of beaches. Actually, it’s not surprising at all: beach parties are really some of the best parties you can attend,even if dancing on sand can sometimes be uncomfortable. Exotic drink mixes with little umbrellas, the cool breeze and the sound of the ocean plus a lively bar with good music make for a great party, and there are the top 5 party islands in the world where you can attend these events.

  • The most unusual bar locations in the world

    Bojangles Bar, photo by Andy Mitchell

    Sometimes you might prefer to have a drink in the evening in a nice, classical bar with soft lights and good music, or maybe a lively pub with noise and lots of people, but how about a novel bar experience where nothing seems to fit the image of a regular bar? Weird bars are not as rare as one might think, especially if you know where to look. Since bars are places where you are supposed to relax and have fun, the even the weirdest places might feel surprisingly homey, and if the drinks are good, all the more reason to visit one of the top 5 weirdest bars in the world.

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