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  • Top 5 offbeat travel destinations in Asia

    Ha Long Bay, photo by Joseph Hunkins

    Asia is chock full of exciting and popular tourist destinations, and each Asian country has several ‘staple’ destinations which absolutely cannot miss from the itinerary of a first-time traveler to a particular destination. But after you’ve seen the popular sights, you’ll still have lots of places to visit, especially if what you’re looking for is a little more offbeat than usual. When your traveler-sense is yearning for something out of the ordinary, you can visit some of these top 5 offbeat travel destinations in Asia.

  • Hidden cultural gems in Amsterdam

    Nowadays, Amsterdam is chiefly known as a tourist destination with an electrifying, often gaudy and debauched nightlife, set on the backdrop of historical architecture and century old art. Amsterdam has always been a deeply cultural city, where art, architecture and music thrived and were held in great regard. Even today, the cultural attractions of the city are many: historic buildings, churches, synagogues, museums and draw bridges. But behind the more obvious attractions, there’s a wealth of hidden cultural gems in Amsterdam which can brighten up your stay in the city even more.

  • Weird vegetables and where to eat them

    Chayote, photo by debaird

    Seen any weird looking veggies at the fresh fruit stall, and you don’t know what to make of them? If you can’t make head or tail of some of these weird looking produce and you’re not sure whether you’re supposed to eat them or use them as doorstops, travel to the homeland of the strange vegetable see what the locals do with it. Some veggies that look weird or inedible to you are delicacies at their place of origin, and since it’s better to eat a dish when it’s prepared in the country where it comes from. So if you are eager to experience some new tastes and textures, her’s a list of some weird vegetables and where to eat them.

  • The best night markets in the world

    Most people are used to going to the market in the morning and getting their shopping done early, but what happens when the market becomes more than a place where you buy your groceries and turns into a place where you actually have fun? Night markets couldn’t be any more different from your regular farmer’s markets. Sure, you might find produce and food stuff, but night markets, in addition to being open at night, are more like a combination between a regular market, a flea market and a fair. From food stalls to toys, clothes or counterfeit goods, night markets are filled with the most unusual wares, and are a great place for a leisurely evening or late night stroll. So here are some of the best night markets in the world, for sleepless travelers.

  • Top 5 cool mountain towns for summer

    Nelson, photo by waferboard

    In many countries this is the hottest summer in a long time, so it’s no surprise that people are flocking to the mountains and any other place where the temperature is slightly lower than in the plains. While many people try to cool off at the beach or a poolside, if you want to bask in fresh and cool air, you should head to the mountains. There are plenty of resort towns in mountainous areas where you can breathe in the refreshing air and stop worrying all the time about sunburn and heat strokes. So if you want to spend some time in a heat-free haven, here are the top 5 cool mountain towns for summer where you can hide in the shade, hike, paddle, or bike.

  • 10 Travel mistakes to avoid

    No matter how much time and energy you devote to planning every single detail of your holiday, you can’t make it perfect, and a small dose of unpredictability only makes your trip more interesting anyway. But still, some planning is necessary to avoid mistakes and mishaps that can positively ruin your entire experience. So here are 10 travel mistakes to avoid when your preparing to travel, or when you’re already on the road, and your holiday will be as enjoyable as possible.

  • Top 5 underrated Mayan ruins

    The ruins of the Maya empire Central America are some of the most interesting historical sites in the world, and the remnants of a fascinating civilization that continues to mystify historians. Many of the remaining Maya ruins in Central America are the most popular tourist attractions in the area, but there are many more Maya sites which are overlooked even if they are just as historically and culturally important. These sites receive much less attention, so chances are that you will have these sites mostly to yourself. If you want to see another, less seen side of Maya culture, here are the top 5 underrated Mayan ruins in Central America.

  • The most amazing snorkeling paradises in the world

    While some people marvel at the wonders above the ground, others don’t stop at the surface – they go below sea level in order to explore the wonders of the deep. Snorkeling, unlike scuba diving, will not take you to any considerable depths, but it will show you more than enough of burst of color that lies in shallow water. Don a diving mask, a snorkel and some swimfins, and dunk your head into the water to meet some of the most interesting denizens of the planet: countless species of fish, coral and other sea creatures. So if this sounds like a good plan, here are some of the most amazing snorkeling paradises in the world.

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  • The best cultural attractions in Thailand

    Erawan Shrine, photo by Shubert Ciencia

    As the most popular and inviting tourist destination in Southeast Asia, Thailand is not only a place of natural beauty, but also of extraordinary cultural accomplishments. Thai culture, with its rich mythology, religion, architecture and art, produced incredible monuments, buildings and institutions which can turn every holiday into an unforgettable experience. For a tourist, there are hundreds, if not more, cultural attractions which can fill more than a couple of weeks of travel. So whichever portion of Thailand you are planning on visiting, you are guaranteed to see quite a few of the best cultural attractions in Thailand, and here are some of them.

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