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  • The most amazing snorkeling paradises in the world

    While some people marvel at the wonders above the ground, others don’t stop at the surface – they go below sea level in order to explore the wonders of the deep. Snorkeling, unlike scuba diving, will not take you to any considerable depths, but it will show you more than enough of burst of color that lies in shallow water.

    Don a diving mask, a snorkel and some swimfins, and dunk your head into the water to meet some of the most interesting denizens of the planet: countless species of fish, coral and other sea creatures. So if this sounds like a good plan, here are some of the most amazing snorkeling paradises in the world.

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    Seychelles Islands

    Whatever your definition of a tropical paradise is, Seychelles Islands probably fits your definition. Around 150 islands await beach-goers and explorers, but most of all snorkelers, who enjoy swimming around coral towers populated with small colorful fish, octopi and other marine creatures.

    Mahe is the main island, and it has several great snorkeling spots, but there are plenty more snorkeling places in Seychelles: La Digue island, Desroches island, or Praslin.

    Bonaire, Caribbean

    Bonaire was part of the Dutch Antilles, more precisely of the so-called ABC islands, which also include Aruba and Curacao. Bonaire has  long established fame as one of the best snorkeling spots in the world, and the island’s coastline has been designated a marine park. The magnificent corals and varied marine life make the Bonaire coast an excellent snorkeling spot.

    Ningaloo Reef, Australia

    Ningaloo Reef  is located off the western coast of Australia. It is 260 km long, and as such it is the longest coral reef located to close to the mainland.

    Some parts of the reef are located less than 100 meters from the beach, so it is very accessible, but since the reef itself is located in a remote area of Australia, there aren’t that many visitors.

    Huahine, French Polynesia

    Huahine is part of Tahiti, and all Polynesian islands have great snorkeling spots, but Huahine outshines almost all of them. The lush vegetation of the volcanic island makes it a paradise on earth, but it is a paradise underwater as well. There are less tourists on Huahine then on neighboring Bora Bora for example, which is good news for snorkelers who want to keep the island to themselves.

    Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

    This Fijian resort was established by none other than the son of the famous oceanographer and explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and while in general it is a luxurious resort for relaxing and lazing around, the beach around the resort has some astounding snorkeling places. Besides, the resort has its own marine biologist, who can answer questions about the creatures you see underwater.

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    Concerned TgAvatar
    Concerned wrote on July 27, 2011:

    Ningaloo Reef is not part of the Great Barrier Reer. They are on opposite parts of the country, two plane flights from each other.

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