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  • The best small towns in Canada

    Stratford, photo by Robert Taylor

    There is no one word to sum up what Canada is like. As a country, it is big, and much of its appeal in it comes in supersized portions: big mountains, big forests, big natural parks, some big cities. But there is a side to Canada that is made unique by the tiny details, little wonders and small towns. Small town Canada is Canada at its most charming, and a visit tot the True North is never complete without including a few small towns on the itinerary. Quaint, quiet, colorful or lively, the best small towns in Canada make delightful holiday destinations.

  • Top 5 things to do in Darjeeling, India

    photo by Jamey Cassel

    Those who love tea probably don’t need much reason to visit Darjeeling, one of the top tea regions in India that gave its name to the fragrant black tea that people drink all over the world. But Darjeeling is a place that will interest more than tea drinkers, because there is far more going on in this province than the cultivation of tea (which, granted, yielded some very scenic tea gardens). Darjeeling is a multifaceted region where you can find things to do regardless whether you are a hardened adventurer or if you prefer quiet sightseeing. If you happen to visit this amazing province of India, here are the top 5 things to do in Darjeeling.

  • Top 5 destinations on the Garden Route, South Africa

    photo by Annabel Symington

    The Garden Route is a stretch of the South African coast that is widely considered to be one of the most picturesque regions in the country. The Garden Route, Tuinroete in Afrikaans, starts in Heidelberg and ends at Storms River, and predictably enough it gets its name from the verdant and lush vegetation of the area. The coast along the Garden Route is dotted with countless lagoons and bays, and numerous scenic small towns. There couldn’t be a better place for a South African road trip than the Garden Route, whose climate is reputedly one of the mildest in the world, and whose natural beauty and friendly towns tempt travelers at every turn. If you are visiting South Africa, here are the top 5 destinations on the Garden Route.

  • A guide to finding cruise deals

    Even today, when travel is becoming increasingly affordable, cruises are still somewhat surrounded by an air of luxury and unattainability. Magazine pictures of the rich and/or famous lounging on the decks of cruise ships sailing through aquamarine water with a tropical sun shining down on them often seem out of the league of the regular traveler, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you are not well-versed in deal finding, going on a cruise might seem a bit improbable to you, but luckily there are ways to get cruise tickets for cut-rate prices. Here is a short guide to finding cruise deals that are too irresistible to pass up.

  • The best destinations for fall foliage viewing

    For anyone who lives in the US or has spent a lot of time in the US, the words ‘fall foliage ‘ inevitably conjure up images of New England. However, the very pleasant activity of watching the multicolored leaves of autumn is subject to no geographical bounds other than an appropriate latitude, and whichever continent you are currently located on, you can find places to watch the fall foliage (in the southern hemisphere, though, you will have to wait until it’s autumn). In a few months, temperate regions in the northern hemisphere will decorated in red and gold, and here are some of the best destinations for fall foliage viewing that you might consider visiting.

  • Top 5 underground lakes in the world

    Melissani Lake, photo by John Karakatsanis

    Practical reasons aside, lakes are not bad places to live near, but even if you are not living next door to a lake, you can still make them the object of a trip. Lake shores are great for camping, provided that you know how to deal with mosquitoes, and many lakes are great for swimming, boating and fishing. Great lakes can be found not only above the ground, but under it too. Underground lakes and rivers are crisscrossing the planet wherever you go, but not all of them are safe to visit or have something interesting about them. But if lakes in caves sound like your cup of tea, here are the top 5 underground lakes in the world.

  • The worst travel faux-pas one can make

    photo by kopretinka

    Traveling is not as easy as simply packing your luggage and going away to a distant place, and even if we disregard all the time and effort that goes into planning and booking, people can still be prone to all sorts of mishaps. Some of the worst mistakes can happen when you’re preparing for travel, but others (which are often far more embarrassing even if they don’t have any lasting effects) can happen while you are on the road. You can commit travel faux-pas especially if you are visiting a place with different customs and cultural norms that you might not be aware of. So in order to avoid offending anyone and putting yourself in an embarrassing situation, here are some of the worst travel faux-pas one can make.

  • Top 5 things to do in Iceland

    Iceland is a queer fish, an island country in the middle of the Atlantic that’s still considered to be part of Europe, and one whose name couldn’t be more misleading. Iceland is nowhere near a piece of South Pole like ice sheet, and only a very little part of the island is covered in ice. The rest of it is lush and verdant and has a surprisingly mild climate, with vast desolate landscapes that are absolutely stunning. Iceland is a great country for all sorts of activities, indoors and outdoors, and if you don’t mind quiet places with not much population, you will instantly fall in love with this otherworldly island. So here are the top 5 things to do in Iceland, for those who decide to visit it.

  • The best hiking destinations for beginners

    Villarica Volcano, photo by Ollie Harridge

    Hiking is an awesome way of visiting natural attractions, but the truth is that sometimes it can be awfully difficult. Those who are not used to physical effort will sometimes find it exhausting to follow in the footsteps of an experienced hiker who is used to climbing steep slopes and difficult terrain, and nobody likes to be the last one in a group of climbers, slowly and tortuously trying to follow them. That’s why if you are a beginner in matters of hiking, it’s better if you start small. Easier hikes are not less scenic or less worthwhile then the more difficult ones, and you will build up stamina and experience for longer and more complicated trails, so here are some of the best hiking destinations for beginners.

  • The food lover’s guide to Tasmania

    Tasmania is famous or being one of the wildest, most unusual places in Australia, which is no mean feat considering the country’s outback and forests. This piece of untamed land is notoriously windy and it not exactly the paragon of good weather, but it is one of the cleanest places on the planet and does not only have a unique fauna, but flora as well. With the great fresh ingredients found in Tasmania, it’s only natural that the cuisine is not bad at all. The culinary offerings of Tasmania range from neighborhood bar food with surprising twists, as well as loads of high class restaurants where some of the best chefs in the world create wonders. So here’s a food lover’s guide to Tasmania.

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