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  • Top 5 things to do in Iceland

    Iceland is a queer fish, an island country in the middle of the Atlantic that’s still considered to be part of Europe, and one whose name couldn’t be more misleading. Iceland is nowhere near a piece of South Pole like ice sheet, and only a very little part of the island is covered in ice.

    The rest of it is lush and verdant and has a surprisingly mild climate, with vast desolate landscapes that are absolutely stunning. Iceland is a great country for all sorts of activities, indoors and outdoors, and if you don’t mind quiet places with not much population, you will instantly fall in love with this otherworldly island. So here are the top 5 things to do in Iceland, for those who decide to visit it.


    Iceland’s geography is certainly pretty, but not that easy to navigate. The craggy, rocky ridges, or soft mossy areas that can hide holes in the ground are not going to be easy on your feet, but as long as you wear a pair of sturdy boots with good ankle support, hiking in Iceland is doable.

    There are countless hiking trails in Iceland, some of them quite difficult and reaching high altitudes, as well as dozens of short day hikes that are a great way to see some of the most breath-taking natural sites on the island. A list of hiking trails can be found here.


    Iceland is not extremely popular for its skiing , possibly because it is so far from the mainland. The areas where you can ski in Iceland are not very large, but some of them are downright phenomenal. The Westfjords have some great ski slopes, as well as around the small and scenic town of Akureyri  in the north of the island. The Troll Peninsula in particular some world class skiing slopes and mountaineering trails.

    Glacier Hiking

    Unlike regular hiking, glacier hiking can be more problematic, not only because it is more difficult to climb a glacier than a regular mountains, but also because it can get a lot colder than in other areas.

    Hiking can be done on your own, but for glacier hiking it’s better if beginners book a place on a tour. Around Skaftafell there are some great potential glacier hikes. There are several agencies that provide glacier hikes/tours, here‘s an example.

    Watch the Northern Lights

    Iceland is included in the auroral zone, so it is an excellent place to watch the Northern Lights. From September to April, the lights are very visible in Iceland, not only because it is close to the Arctic Circle, but also because there aren’t any huge cities whose light can obscure them.

    Go to a geothermal spring

    Iceland is famous for its great number of geothermal springs. The Blue Lagoon in Grindavik is the fastest flowing spring in the country and a huge tourist attraction thanks to its misty, milky water, but there are tons of other springs to choose from if you don’t like the crowds. Snorralaug, Hveravellir, Laugafell, Landmannalaugar are only a few.

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