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  • The food lover’s guide to Tasmania

    Tasmania is famous or being one of the wildest, most unusual places in Australia, which is no mean feat considering the country’s outback and forests. This piece of untamed land is notoriously windy and it not exactly the paragon of good weather, but it is one of the cleanest places on the planet and does not only have a unique fauna, but flora as well.

    With the great fresh ingredients found in Tasmania, it’s only natural that the cuisine is not bad at all. The culinary offerings of Tasmania range from neighborhood bar food with surprising twists, as well as loads of high class restaurants where some of the best chefs in the world create wonders. So here’s a food lover’s guide to Tasmania.

    Taste the berries

    Tasmania is famous for its variety of wild foods, and there are lots of farms and small businesses that harvest berries or other forest edibles and make them into jam, chutneys and other specialties. Tasmania’s basic recipes were borrowed from the home countries or its inhabitants, and it’s not unusual to find traditional British recipes adapted to the local ingredients.

    Mountain pepperberry, for example, is used by many Tasmanian restaurants, and in Hobart, the Tasmanian capital, you won’t have to look hard to find dishes or drinks flavored with the berries. Another exquisite wild food is the black truffle, which grow even outside their European season.


    The farmed salmon found in Tasmania is world famous, because the waters around the Tasmanian coast are very clean. Tasmanian-grown Atlantic salmon is excellent, but if your tastes in edible ocean creatures are more exotic, try the wild abalone, of which Tasmania is the largest supplier in the world.

    The scallops, oysters, mussels and crayfish harvested in the Southern Ocean are also top quality, and restaurants like Mures Upper Deck in Hobart have great fresh seafood dishes. Some something unpretentious, you can grab some fish and chips on the beach or in town shops, it makes for a great and affordable meal.

    Cheap eats

    If you’re looking for upscale restaurant, most of your options will probably be located in Hobart and Launceston, but for hearty, uncomplicated and affordable yet delicious dishes you can try local cafes. Tassie scallop pies are a popular choice that can be found in cafes and markets, as are bowls of steamed mussels or garlic oysters. Tempura vegetables are also easily found in food markets and are a quick and cheap lunch, and when prepared with wild mushrooms it is downright heavenly.


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