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  • Hiking in the Balkans

    photo by Mhare

    The Balkans are fast on their way to become one of the most visited destinations in Europe, and that’s really no surprise considering all the attractions that the region has to offer. The beauty of the Balkans is slowly being discovered, but it is still wild enough to be targeted by the most adventurous of tourists: the hikers. The Balkans region seems to be the most flawless hiking destination in Europe. First of all, the whole region is named after the mountain chain that runs through it, so there are plenty of beautifully craggy peaks and slopes to climb, and besides, it is very cheap in comparison to Western Europe. Here are some tips about hiking in the Balkans for those tourists who want to take a better look at the wonders of Eastern Europe.

  • A short guide to Laos


    Laos, officially called the Lao People’s Democratic Republic is such a pleasant and relaxing place that it even gained a funny yet strangely fitting  nickname: Lao PDR – Lao Please Don’t Rush. Time seems to have taken the backseat in this beautiful place, at least for the tourists who are drawn by the quiet, no-cares-in-the world atmosphere of the country. Laos is also hiding some of the most amazing cultural and historical attractions in the world, and even if most of them are not as famous as they should be, you can write it off as part of the Laotian ethic of laid-backness. For those who wish for nothing more than a relaxing vacation, here’s a short guide to Laos.

  • Amazing places: Bagan, Myanmar

    Myanmar has no shortage of fascinating cultural and religious sights, but the ancient region of Bagan, in Central Myanmar, takes the cake in every respect. Bagan has a rich history, and because of its significance in the past, several stupas and temples have been erected in the area. In the golden age of Bagan, the sounds of bells and the chanting of monks filled the pagodas, but even now, when most of the inhabitants of the area have been relocated to the village of New Bagan, the sights of the ancient buildings are every bit as impressive as the pyramids in Egypt or other similar attractions. So here’s a short description of one of the world’s most amazing places: Bagan, Myanmar.

  • Top 5 ancient cities in the world


    Those of you who like to read ancient history, legends or mythology have probably encountered mentions of sprawling cities hiding unthinkable treasures and mysteries. Of course, many of these cities never existed, and those that did were wildly exaggerated, but the truth is that you can still see some vestiges of these lost wonders of the ancient world. Macchu Picchu or Cappadocia are cities that used to be glorious in the past, and which still stand today. You can take a short dip into the wonders of the past by visiting some of these top 5 ancient cities in the world.

  • The backpacker’s guide to Macedonia

    The Republic of Macedonia, a landlocked country in the Balkans, is sometimes forgotten in favor of its more famous neighbors like Greece or Bulgaria. This little country is, in fact, the very best of the Balkans rolled into one patch of mountains, lakes and hills shared among native Macedonians, Albanian Muslims and other Balkanic people. Macedonia is the Eastern European cocktail that can guarantee you an exciting and unforgettable holiday, especially if you skip the luxury travel options and do things the old-fashioned way: backpacking. Macedonia is the perfect destination for backpackers – it is affordable, friendly and beautiful. So here’s a short backpacker’s guide to Macedonia.

  • The best thermal baths in the world

    Since ancient times, thermal baths have been the places where people go to relax. Nowadays, thermal baths have a fancier name – spas – but if you want to skip the beauty treatments and massages and just enjoy the rejuvenating properties of the water that spouts warmed and full of minerals out of the earth, then you can imagine yourself in the shoes of an ancient Roman noble, and take a break at a thermal bath. From Roman and Turkish baths (virtually unchanged for centuries – or at least looking like it) to beautiful Art Nouveau bath houses, there are plenty of choices! So here are some of the best thermal baths in the world.

  • Comparing, saving: Finding New York’s Cheap Spots

    New York - Times SquareWith its amazing shopping opportunities and reputation for high-end luxury, New York isn’t somewhere that would strike you as being a cheap destination to visit. Yet with a bit of shopping around, you can find cheap New York flights and good value accommodation and dining options when you get there.

    The great thing about New York is that many of its iconic landmarks and attractions are free. It’s perfectly possible to pound the New York pavements and take in the stars of the skyline, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the Rockefeller Center, without spending a dime.

    You could also come over all Audrey Hepburn and window shop in Tiffany & Co, or make like Rachel in Friends and have fun exploring the huge department stores Macy’s and Bloomingdales. If you’re still in the mood for window shopping after this, then let you inner child loose in toy emporium FAO Schwartz.

  • Amazing travel destinations in the Caucasus region

    photo by {link:}gobe67{/link}

    Lots of tourists visit Eastern Europe, and lots of tourists visit Asia, but what about the piece of land  between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea that connects the two continents? In geography classes, the Caucasus Mountains are usually talked about as a natural border between the two continents, and the surrounding region, called simply the Caucasus, doesn’t get mentioned that much. The Caucasus comprises several Russian federal subjects, as well as Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. These countries and Russian republics don’t get nearly as much credit as they should, so here are some amazing travel destinations in the Caucasus region.

  • Street food in Nicaragua

    vigoron, photo by Nicaraguan Food/wikipedia

    One of the pleasures of visiting a foreign country is the food: new and exciting aromas, ingredients that you’ve never even heard of, or maybe strange combinations that you wouldn’t have thought appetizing. A new cuisine is always part of the experience of traveling, and it can tell you just as much about a culture as a visit to a museum. The beauty and richness of Nicaragua is definitely reflected in its dishes, and one thing that no tourist should miss on a trip to this country is the street food. So for the sake of your taste-buds, here’s a short guide to street food in Nicaragua.

  • The most beautiful historical sites in Greece

    Nowadays many people go to Greece to enjoy its sunny, clean beaches, but let’s not forget why the country is most famous for: its history, legends and the remnants of some of the most amazing man-made wonders in the world. Greece’s ruins and historic sites have fascinated travelers for centuries, and yet they are still as mysterious and alluring as in the past. Step back in time to the world of the ancients and take a stroll through some of the most beautiful historic sites in Greece.

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