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  • Hiking in the Balkans


    The Balkans are fast on their way to become one of the most visited destinations in Europe, and that’s really no surprise considering all the attractions that the region has to offer. The beauty of the Balkans is slowly being discovered, but it is still wild enough to be targeted by the most adventurous of tourists: the hikers.

    The Balkans region seems to be the most flawless hiking destination in Europe. First of all, the whole region is named after the mountain chain that runs through it, so there are plenty of beautifully craggy peaks and slopes to climb, and besides, it is very cheap in comparison to Western Europe. Here are some tips about hiking in the Balkans for those tourists who want to take a better look at the wonders of Eastern Europe.

    Bjelasnica Mountain, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Despite its political troubles in that past few decades, Bosnia is getting back to its feet and tourism is slowly starting to flourish in this mountainous country. Bjelasnica mountains are located in central Bosnia, only 20 minutes from Sarajevo, the capital. The mountain is covered in thick forests up to an altitude of 1500 meters, and there are several trails, some easier and some more difficult.

    Sjeverni Velebit National Park, Croatia

    photo by Rootmaker

    Sjeverni Velebit, which means Northern Velebit, is one of the newest national parks of Croatia, established in 1999. There are many hiking trails throughout the park, but the most popular is the trail is the Premuzic trail, one of the oldest hiking trails in Croatia. The trail is about 35 miles long, and it has some breath-taking views over the Adriatic Sea and a few islands too.

    Biogradska Gora, Montenegro

    Montenegro’s outstanding scenery makes it a veritable hiker’s paradise. Biogradska Gora National Park has thick, ancient forests, steep slopes and six glacial lakes. There are virtually endless hiking possibilities through the park – as long as you have a good map, you can go wherever you want.

    Rila National Park, Bulgaria

    photo by Stelian Kasabov

    Bulgaria can boast of some of the most amazing highland scenery in Europe, and there are thousands of kilometers of safe hiking trails that you can take. Mount Musala, in Rila National Park is the highest peak in Bulgaria, and a good destination for hardy hikers.

    Borovets, a popular mountain resort, is the starting point for hikes to the top of Musala. The hike can be significantly shortened if you take the lift.

    Tara Mountain, Serbia

    Tara Mountain is said to be the most beautiful mountain in Serbia, and it certainly seems to be among the best hiking spots in the country. The mountain is covered in forests dotted with meadows, ravines, and caves. Tara mountain is part of the Tara National Park, which includes Zvijezda mountain and a section of Drina river.

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    Camper Glamis wrote on May 5, 2011:

    The Balkans is truly amazing! It’s great to know that such an area still remains despite the environmental challenges the world faces right now. These highland scenery should really be saved from the environmental–and industrial, threats of today.

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