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  • Bangkok Cheap Flights with Etihad Airways

    Bangkok skyline

    Bangkok skyline ©Allie_Caulfield/Flickr

    If a late Fall vacation with Thailand is on your wishlist, you will surely love this New York to Bangkok cheap flights for $904 r/t with taxes and fees. Travel at the end of next month with Etihad Airways and save at least $50 compared to all other airlines flying on this route.

  • Dallas to Shanghai Cheap Flights

    Shanghai sunrise

    Shanghai sunrise ©Jose Maria Cuellar/Flickr

    If China is on your travel wish list you will definitely like these Shanghai cheap flights for $770 r/t with taxes and fees. Depart in late November from Dallas and save over $35 with United Airlines compared to any other company we have checked.

  • Dallas Cheap Flights with Spirit Airlines

    Dallas skyline

    Dallas view ©seanpinto/Flickr

    There is lots of exciting things to do in Texas for everyone, that is why we have brought you these Dallas cheap flights for $116 r/t with taxes and fees. Fly with Spirit Airlines from Baltimore and get your airline ticket for less than with any other airlines we have checked.

  • Kauai Cheap Airfares with American

    Kauai beach

    Kauai beach ©Bryce Edwards/Flickr

    What could be more relaxing after some months at work and the chilly weather outside than a nice Hawaii getaway with these Boston to Kauai cheap airfares we have just found. Fly with American Airlines and get your ticket cheaper than with any other company.

  • Tel Aviv Cheap Flight Deals with United

    Tel Aviv skyline

    Tel Aviv skyline ©Ted Eytan/Flickr

    Today our deal hunting editors have brought you a great deal for your Middle East, a San Francisco to Tel Aviv cheap flight deals for $707 r/t with taxes included. The United Airlines flight is the cheapest one we have found for November. 

  • LA to Anchorage Cheap Flight Deals

    Anchorage skyline

    Anchorage skyline ©Andrei Taranchenko/Flickr

    If you live mountains, nature and a city with nice people you will love the capital of Alaska and these Los Angeles to Anchorage cheap flight deals for $343 r/t with taxes that we have just found are perfect for you. Fly on United Airlines in mid November and get your ticket for less.

  • United Cheap Airfares from LA to Cozumel

    Cozumel beach

    Cozumel beach ©Gail Frederick/Flickr

    What could be better in the business of the cooling weather than going on a sunny beach escape for a couple of days and what better destination for that than Mexico. With these United Airlines cheap airfares we have just found you can travel from Los Angeles to Cozumel for $304 r/t with taxes. 

  • NYC to Knoxville Cheap Domestic Flights

    Knoxville Hot Air Balloon Festival

    Knoxville Hote Air Balloon Festival ©Sean Russel/Flickr

    The above photo is about the city’s Hot Air Balloon Festival, but Knoxville has got lots of other events and attractions that would make it worth for you to book one of these New York to Knoxville cheap domestic flights for $213 that we have just found. Travel n November with America Airlines and save on your fare.

  • Washington to Burbank Cheap Airfares

    Burbank sunrise

    Burbank sunrise ©Ray Terrill/Flickr

    This time we bring you a really cheap coast to coast flight deal so you can visit your family in California or just go on a trip. Book one of these cheap airfares from Washington to Burbank in early December with United Airlines and save at least $36 compared to the rates of any other airline flying on this route on these dates.

  • Honolulu Cheap Airfares with Westjet

    Honolulu beach

    Honolulu beach ©Joi Ito/Flickr

    The perfect way to take a short break from the 9 to 5 life is a beach vacation with lots of sun and warm ocean, that is why we bring you these Vancouver to Honolulu cheap airfares for $362 including taxes and fees. Travel with WestJet in early November and spend an amazing week in Hawaii.

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