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  • Wandering the world with Vagabondish

    No doubt, here are quite a lot of good travel blog out there you could read all day long.  One of these wonderful blogs is Vagabondish – The Travelzine for Today’s Vagabond. I have found a lot of great stories, from the most amazing travel adventures to the latest travel news and tips.I have decided to discover all the secrets of this travel blog. So here we are on the main page, among nice pictures and headlines that sound really interesting, what next? The reader can hardly believe that one person had seen so much of the world.  But it’s true, this guy has really seen at least half the world.

  • Karan’s Guesthouse and Indian Hospitality

    Once you landed on Karan’s Guesthouse and after skimming through the blog’s posts, you’ll feel like an old history book had just opened its yellow pages and you’re about to find out all this fascinating legends that hide behind the foundation of a temple, the unsuspected bustle that brings about the hosting of an art gallery or simply interesting things an eager-to-know traveler should be aware of when setting his foot on the unique Indian district of Rajasthan.

  • – Travelling With Style

    When I start getting attached to a themed, niche blog (in my case the niche is usually traveling) I always like it when the authors bring out those small personal elements into play, making you feel part of their adventures. In this regard, travel writers have a very similar mission to that of actors who have to play their role to the best of their abilities, sucking you into the character and stirring up positive or negative emotions from their viewers.

  • Lifecruiser and Why We Love Viking Pirates

    I wouldn’t dare preach about how to become a great travel blogger, but it seems to me that most of the guys and gals that reached the stars in this field have an unquestionably unique identity and personal branding that helps them stand out of the crowd. Sure, great content, updated frequently and some community building effort might give you a boost, but without the unique element, there’s a chance people will forget about you quickly. I remember the first time I stumbled upon I immediately got that “hey, that’s new!” feeling and following the authoring Swedish couple throughout their posts definitely strengthened that feeling.

  • The World Would be a Sadder Place if You Should Ever Log Off

    Working in the travel world you meet, talk to and read about dozens of people sharing the same interest for adventure and, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this happen to someone you know, in a lot of cases their adventuring dreams end up in shambles, overshadowed by daily life issues and budget problems. It’s no small feat leaving everything behind and going round the World and few have the courage to take on this challenge but Jill and Danny of seem to be the perfect example for the type.

  • 3 Troopin’ Travelers in the Spotlight

    One of the things I loved ever since joining the Travelgrove team last year is that, despite the fact that we’re a service provider that’s caught in the responsibility chain of handling customers, advertisers and partners at the same time, the guys never forget about the human side of things. During this time I’ve had the opportunity to get in contact with a lot of top travel bloggers and one of them that I truly enjoyed talking to is one of the three pioneers of 3 Troopin’ Travelers: Suzanne Conlon, aka Lil’ Boozie.

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