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  • The World Would be a Sadder Place if You Should Ever Log Off

    Working in the travel world you meet, talk to and read about dozens of people sharing the same interest for adventure and, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this happen to someone you know, in a lot of cases their adventuring dreams end up in shambles, overshadowed by daily life issues and budget problems. It’s no small feat leaving everything behind and going round the World and few have the courage to take on this challenge but Jill and Danny of seem to be the perfect example for the type.

    Still, despite their statement of being “just an average 20 something couple looking to explore the World”, Jill and Danny are quite a distinctive spot on the traveling radar, as they’re not simple camera-wielding vacationers, but people that get involved in the communities they visit, helping out, teaching and learning at the same time.

    The last e-mail Danny sent me was from his trip in Guatemala and after reading their last post, about visiting two volcanoes in 24 hours, I got this picturesque image of the type of adventure they must be experiencing down there, an imaged fed by the awesome pictures the couple took on location. Tell me Danny, if you guys are the average 20 something travelers, how come you’re a few yards away from a stream of hot lava in one of the pictures? :) That doesn’t seem like something the average traveler would have the guts to do.

    In any case, I highly encourage you guys to follow Danny and Jill’s adventure, I’m sure they’ll end up on your must-read list pretty soon as they offer a unique traveler’s point of view and I’m positive they’ll have some surprises for us in their future exotic trips.

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