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June 16, 1987
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Sapporo, Japan
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Native language:English 
Languages:Chinese, Japanese Eye color:brown Hair Color:black Height:5' / 151cm Weight:97lbs / 44kg Smoke:no Religion:buddhist Favorite cities:Sapporo Favorite music:pop, hip hop, folk 

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AinoChan's Travel Tips

1. Suzy's Mexican Food - Stockton, California (added on Mar 23, 2011)
2. Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour - Saint Louis, Missouri (added on Feb 5, 2011)
3. Royal Khyber - Santa Ana, California (added on Jan 31, 2011)
4. Gilcrease Museum - Tulsa, Oklahoma (added on Jan 24, 2011)
5. Ripley's Grand Prairie - Arlington, Texas (added on Jan 21, 2011)
6. Star at Playhouse Square - Cleveland, Ohio (added on Jan 18, 2011)
7. Rudee Flipper Tour - Virginia Beach, Virginia (added on Jan 18, 2011)
8. North Carolina Museum of Art - Raleigh, North Carolina (added on Jan 17, 2011)
9. Fresno Chaffee Zoo - Fresno, California (added on Dec 4, 2010)
10. Kansas City Library - Kansas City, Missouri (added on Nov 28, 2010)
11. New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science - Albuquerque, New Mexico (added on Nov 25, 2010)
12. Rocky Mountain Diner - Denver, Colorado (added on Nov 9, 2010)
13. Carowinds Amusement Park - Charlotte, North Carolina (added on Oct 19, 2010)
14. E2ride Bike Tours - Jacksonville, Florida (added on Oct 15, 2010)
15. The Blue Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey (added on Oct 5, 2010)
16. National Taiwan Memorial Hall - Taipei, Taiwan (added on Oct 5, 2010)
17. Egyptian Bazaar - Istanbul, Turkey (added on Oct 4, 2010)
18. Church of St. Nicholas in Prague - Prague, Czech Republic (added on Oct 1, 2010)
19. Nikki Beach - Miami, Florida (added on Sep 30, 2010)
20. Cafe Florian - Venice, Italy (added on Sep 29, 2010)
21. Hamarikyu Gardens - Tokyo, Japan (added on Sep 27, 2010)
22. Scottsdale Old Town and Art District near Phoenix - Phoenix, Arizona (added on Sep 21, 2010)
23. Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory - Key West, Florida (added on Sep 16, 2010)
24. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Hong Kong, China (added on Sep 6, 2010)
25. Sapporo, my favorite city - Sapporo, Japan (added on Aug 21, 2010)

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