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  • Top Five Mardi Gras Festivals



    The history of Mardi Gras parades goes back to pre-christian times, when the Romans used to celebrate Lupercalia, a pagan ritual in which circus demonstrations represented the main ingredient (it might as well be the starting point of the notorious catch-phrase ‘bread and circuses”). When Christianity started to spread, it encompassed some of these traditions in a manifestation that was meant to mark the beginning of the 40-day Lent preceding Easter.

    Across the centuries, the Mardi Gras (‘Fat Tuesday’) has grown to represent the carnival period, a time for joy and decadence, when people all around the world gather on the streets, put on their masks and unleash their senses.

  • Hidden Krakow



    If it hadn’t been for the infamous rivalry between Poland’s old (Krakow) and new (Warsaw) capital, maybe tourists will be more likely to only visit one of these fascinating cities.
    The truth is that, if you ignore what both the Warsaw natives and Krakow natives say about each other, you’ll discover that Krakow and Warsaw represent two equally interesting aspects of the same culture.

    As mesmerizing as Warsaw can get due to its sky-scrappers and big-city lifestyle, it cannon compete with Krakow’s architecture and youthful atmosphere (just like Krakow lacks this progressive look).

    However, as Krakow represents our main concern today, we’ll try to focus on those aspects that make Krakow particularly charming.

  • Dallas Events and Culture

    Dallas -Skyline

    Dallas -Skyline

    Dallas, Texas, is known as one on the wealthiest cities in the nation. Although Dallas is not among the most popular US destinations, there are plenty things to see and experience during your staying here.

    Due to a series of non-related facts and events, Dallas has gained a certain notoriety that has nothing to do with the city’s essence: many Americans relate

    Dallas with the assassination of J. F. Kennedy, Western Europeans might think of it as populated by cowboys and Texan rangers, while Easter-Europeans will always imagine Dallas in the same way it was depicted by the ’70 homonymous TV series.

  • Discover Pittsburgh’s Great Outdoors

    Pittsburgh Skyline

    Pittsburgh Skyline

    A bird eye’s view over Pittsburgh downtown area might lead you to the conclusion that Pittsburgh is the typical, contemporary city, stuffed by glass & metal skyscrapers, factories and noisy roads.

    Well, they might be right up to the point where Pittsburgh had been, only several decades ago, one of the most industrialized and polluted cities in the nation – it was even nicknamed: “hell with a lid off”.

    But for Pittsburgh, those times of amazing growth and joyful disregard towards the environmental issues are long gone. Pittsburgh’s magnificent location at the confluence of Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s woody hills, make it an ideal location for outdoor lovers.

    Starting with some unique cultural attractions as the Andy Warhol Museum, to the majestic sight of Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh will resonate with almost every category of tourist. You’ll find most of Pittsburgh’s attractions presented in this comprehensive Pittsburgh Travel Guide.

  • Disneyland@Anaheim

    Anaheim’s remarkable location, right in the middle of the kingdom of oranges (or, as we know it today, Orange County, California) is a good enough reason for us to realize that Anaheim had been always predestined to become famous.

    But more than a century had passed since Anaheim’s foundation by a group of German settles till one of the most creative minds of the 20th century, Walt Disney, decided to make another one of his daring dreams cone true and create an amusement park.

  • Nice delicacies


    Situated on the idyllic Cote d’Azur, the city of Nice represents the essence of Provencal France. Its daring architecture, splendid panoramas and picturesque beaches attract millions of tourists every year. From a day at the beach to a crazy night at the club or a delightful day spent in the company of Henri Matisse’s or Marc Chagall’s works, there is noting the port of Nice will refuse you (for more details on Nice historic sights and attractions, check out this Nice Travel Guide).

  • Sacramento and all that Jazz



    Although Sacramento is California’s capital, the city has always lived in the shadow of the much acclaimed Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you happen to spend some days in the Lovely California, it is worth taking a trip to the state’s capital. Sacramento’s old district still preserves much of the Old West look, with its cobbled streets, steam locomotives and paddle boats navigating down the river.
    Visiting Old Sacramento and its historic attractions will help you make an idea about how Sacramento looked like in the 19th century, when the Gold Rush had reached its peak (you’ll find more information on Sacramento’s attraction in this Sacramento Travel Guide).

  • A Short Guide to Green Munich



    Participating at Munich’s Oktoberfest is an event that any passionate traveler must add to his/her portfolio. Visiting multicultural Munich is essential for understanding the modern German lifestyle. From a picturesque historic district to underground art galleries, there are many faces of Munich you can explore.

    One of the first things you will notice about Munich is its accessibility: from urban trains to bicycle routes, most means of transpiration known to man are to be found here. Efficient public transpiration has made Munich not only a tourist-friendly city, but also one of the greenest cities in Europe. This is why taking the green approach when visiting Munich can be easy as pie if you follow some simple tips:

  • A day of fun and adventure in Charlotte, NC

    Charlotte, North Carolina is mostly known for its NASCAR circuit and for the numerous corporate headquarters it nestles in its modern skyscrapers. With a one of the biggest airports in the nation and a strategic location at the juncture of some major interstate highways, Charlotte represents the main gateway towards America’s hottest beach resorts (that spread along the Atlantic coast, from Myrtle Beach to Miami).

    However, Charlotte is more than a financial center and a transaction city: its numerous sports facilities, museums, art galleries and thriving nightlife are attracting thousands of tourists every year. Although a beach vacation is mostly about enjoying the sun and doing nothing, it doesn’t hurt taking a vacation from your vacation from time to time and go sightseeing.

  • Orlando’s hottest music clubs

    With a record number of amusement parks and hotels (the city is second in the country as number of hotel rooms), no wonder Orlando represents one of the top destinations in the United States.  The danger of hurricanes is a minor disadvantage in comparison with all the benefits of an Orlando vacation: warm climate all year round, thousands of cultural events, high quality entertainment and an irresistible nightlife represent only few of them (for more details on Orlando’s attractions, you can check out this Orlando Travel Guide).

    Due to its impressive number of entertainment facilities – Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando Resort, Holy Land Experience, Blizzard Beach, Orlando is a favorite with families and children. But many people tend to underestimate Orlando’s role on the American music scene. Fans of reggaeton, metal or hip-hop could spend weeks in Orlando, exploring its music clubs and attending some of its hot gigs. For electro music lovers, Orlando is the Mecca of breakbeat.

    From mainstream to underground music genres, this article is aiming at presenting the most popular music clubs in Florida’s entertainment capital.

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