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    Dallas -Skyline

    Dallas -Skyline

    Dallas, Texas, is known as one on the wealthiest cities in the nation. Although Dallas is not among the most popular US destinations, there are plenty things to see and experience during your staying here.

    Due to a series of non-related facts and events, Dallas has gained a certain notoriety that has nothing to do with the city’s essence: many Americans relate

    Dallas with the assassination of J. F. Kennedy, Western Europeans might think of it as populated by cowboys and Texan rangers, while Easter-Europeans will always imagine Dallas in the same way it was depicted by the ’70 homonymous TV series.

    Dallas is a diverse city, with a strong economy and thriving cultural life, a city that, according to its new slogan, knows how to “Live large.

    Think big.” Whether you are there with business or you’re in the middle of your vacation, knowing which are the city’s main entertainment facilities and events could be of great help. You will find the city’s most popular attractions listed in this Dallas Travel Guide. As for some Dallas fun and adventure, here are some suggestions:

    You might want to start by checking out the Arts District in downtown Dallas. The district itself, spreading over 19 blocks, encompasses numerous architectural masterpieces, not to mention an impressive display of public sculptures.

    Here you will be able to get familiar with the latest art trends, savor an espresso and a bagel in some bohemian literary cafĂ© or check out the art galleries for some exquisite souvenir. If you you’re willing to let yourself guided by a professional, you can join the 90 minute walking tours, which are held every two weeks.

    The best way to get acquainted with Dallas’s distinctive culture is to attend one of the numerous festivals and events that are held throughout the year. Among these, Texas State Fair is probably the oldest and largest in the state.

    Celebrating the state’s eclectic culture, the fair includes various activities, from a glamorous parade on the streets of Dallas to light shows and funny competitions. Gourmands must definitely try out the Taste of Dallas food festival, reuniting the city’s best chefs, as well as the Greek Food Festival, a wonderful display of Mediterranean specialties.

    There is no point going to Dallas without attending a rodeo show and experience the Texan lifestyle in the most authentic way possible: with traditional food, country music and good humor. Taking one of the Forth Worth tours will have you eat and party like a Texan.

    Oddity amateurs will definitely enjoy the Conspiracy Museum, where they can find out the all the hidden details behind world’s most controversial events. As for families and nature lovers, they can hang out for an entire day around the Dallas Arboretum, Dallas Zoo or the Aquarium.

    Wherever your steps might lead you, make sure that you approach Dallas with an open mind: and for sure you will go home with a totally new perspective over this authentic Texan city.

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