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  • A Short Guide to Green Munich



    Participating at Munich’s Oktoberfest is an event that any passionate traveler must add to his/her portfolio. Visiting multicultural Munich is essential for understanding the modern German lifestyle. From a picturesque historic district to underground art galleries, there are many faces of Munich you can explore.

    One of the first things you will notice about Munich is its accessibility: from urban trains to bicycle routes, most means of transpiration known to man are to be found here. Efficient public transpiration has made Munich not only a tourist-friendly city, but also one of the greenest cities in Europe. This is why taking the green approach when visiting Munich can be easy as pie if you follow some simple tips:

    Take the virtual approach

    Despite Munich’s above mentioned accessibility, you cannot just wonder around the streets without any guidance. But if you really want to play it green, buying several maps and printed guides in not be best choice. Fortunately, we leave in an era of shared knowledge, when you can find almost any type of information online, from a basic Munich Travel Guide to a virtual tour.

    Rent a bike

    The efforts taken by Munich municipality have transformed bike renting into one of the cheapest and most popular ways of seeing Munich’s attractions. The city is proud with its over 200 km of bike trails, not to mention the clever Call-A-Bike system.

    Bike renting can be either done in the classical way, by hiring a guide, either in the adventurous way that includes you, a bike and a city map. For those of you that are not very fond of bikes, the U-Bahn (electric train) represents a fast and comfortable alternative.

    Explore the nature

    If you ever read anything about Munich, you must be familiar with what the name ‘English Garden’ stands for. Located right in the heart of Munich you will find 900 acres of shady alleys, ponds and noisy beer gardens. If you decide to adventure yourself outside the city perimeter you will be amazed to discover the impressive 19th century Neuschwanstein castle, one of the most extravagant pieces of architecture from Germany. Another option would be to take a boat trip on Sternberg Lake outside Munich or just swim in the lake’s waters.

    Eat healthful

    Farmers markets are still popular through Europe; they represent the best source of organic and unprocessed food. Elisabethmarkt and Viktualienmarkt represent two of the largest markets in Munich. If cooking is not your cup of tea, you can as well go to a green restaurant, like Prinz Myshkin or Basic Bio Bistro.

    Sleep green

    Ever since camping sites were invented, people always had a green alternative to those fancy, wasteful hotels. You’ll have a pleasant stay in any of the following camp sites – Obermenzing, Thalkirchen or Langwieder See, supposing that distance is not a major inconvenient for you. Surprisingly or not, Munich even has a number of green hotels, varying from the mid range Alter Wilt hotel to the economy Haberstock Hotel.

    Hope you found this information useful and you’ll get plenty of fun visiting Munich!

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