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  • Spring Madness – 5 Great Escapes

    Now that winter is living its last days, we can only dream about the spring vacation and that unique feeling of plenitude and renewal that each spring pours into our souls. Spring time is a good time to visit almost any location around the world: the temperatures are mostly pleasant, it’s not yet peak season (so you don’t have to worry about queues and reservations) and multicolored flowers are blooming everywhere.

    Although many people still prefer the Caribbean beaches or the islands of Hawaii for spending their spring break, it’s not necessary to fly as far as Australia in order to get an unforgettable spring break. All across the United States, people find the most original ways to celebrate the return of warm weather.

    Spring is not only the perfect time for festivals, but also a point where nature is just drop-dead gorgeous. And if you decide to head south, you might even get some sun tan sooner that you think. Here are our picks for the 2010 spring:

  • Squatting Europe

    For the traveler who’s determined to make the best out of a city, visiting all its main attractions and dining at some of its best restaurants is not enough. If your really want to know what’s happening outside the over-crowded touristic areas, where everything looks nice and clean, then maybe you should start by checking out some abandoned buildings.

    You might be surprised by what you can find there: instead of some stray cats and drunk homeless, you might just run into the middle of an experimental theater representation or some mind-blowing art installation.

  • The revolutionary’s guide to Poland

    Torun, Poland

    Torun, Poland

    There are few other countries in Europe with such a tumultuous history as the history of Poland. The country’s vast territory has been disputed by all the military powers there have risen through the centuries. From its picturesque ports along the cost of the Baltic Sea, to the endless woods covering the northern plains and the unique charm of its medieval cities, Poland represents the kind of destination that would satisfy even the most pretentious tourist.
    However, there is some some of nostalgia the one can notice in the Pole’s way of acting. Each Polish city or town has its own history to tell, and the curios traveler will discover that, despite their nostalgic attitude, the Poles have always set themselves against the course of history. For those willing to discover another face of Poland, we give you four Polish cities and their heroic stories:

  • Your Guide to an Active Vacation

    Sick and tired off all those organized trips, of getting that upsetting deja-vu sensation whenever you enter a hotel room or visit a new museum? Well, no reason to panic: there is nothing wrong with you or with the places that you are visiting. The only problem is that, when you visit places from the same perspective, things are likely to become boring and superfluous at some point. The best thing to do in this case is to change your way of doing things: just try to take more control over the situation, head for some place that you have never heard before, try to understand better the local traditions and lifestyle, and, most of all, learn to trust your own feet and instinct.

    The truth is that many people find it difficult to enter the shoes of the typical tourists: they always feel like going off the beaten path, getting involved, find a new challenge. For both the over-bored and the hyperactive tourists, here is out little guide to an active vacation:

  • Asia’s Most Famous Temples

    While Europe continues to be praised for its medieval churches and cathedrals, Asia’s huge mountains and tropical woods are still hiding some unbelievable pieces of architecture – some of them so masterfully built, that historians haven’t been able to revel their secrets yet. If you come to think of it, Asia is the world’s biggest and most populous continent: no wonder that its traditions and religions are so diverse.

    One can have various reasons for visiting Asia: the people, the cities, the mountains, the cuisine, but, no matter what are your reasons to go there, be sure that your journey to Asia will soon go  beyond its initial purposes and become something very close to a pilgrimage. We hereby bring you Asia’s most famous and grandiose temples, hoping that your wanderings will sometime bring you close to at least one of these remarkable achievements:

  • Best Adventure Travel Destinations for 2010

    One might think that in an age of fast an inexpensive traveling like ours, there is little room for      geographic discoveries, not to mention the glorious explorers of the latest centuries.

    Fortunately, the world is a really big place, big enough for every daring traveler to be able to get all adventure the he or she wants. And now that nature is gradually coming back to life after this fierce winter, it’s time to check out what 2010 brings new in terms of adventure travel.

  • Romania, off the beaten path

    Sibiu, Romania

    Sibiu, Romania

    Like any other country in South-Eastern Europe, Romania represents a partially unexplored territory for the Western traveler. Although it’s hard to keep oneself from falling in love with the country’s superb nature, everyone planning to visit Romania must be aware of the fact that people have their own ways of doing things around here.

    By this, we don’t necessarily mean that the pretentious traveler will not find his place in Romania: one can find plenty of luxury hotels and expensive restaurants in big cities. But only the adventurous traveler, the one willing to follow a dusty country road, to seek for shelter is some isolated mountain village and seat down and toast with the hospitable Romanians will get to see the real face of this country.

    Although popular attractions like Bucharest, Valea Prahovei, Brand Castle or the seaside are definitely worth of  a visit, the curios travel who is willing to adventure  off the beaten path will get the chance to discover a whole new country.

  • How to plan an eco-friendly vacation

    Several decades ago, people would rise an eyebrow whenever someone would tell then about sustainable tourism. Fortunately, the travel industry has undergone some major changes in the latest years, resulting not only in more affordable rates, but also an increased awareness in everything regarding the environment.

    While airlines, hotels and restaurants altogether are progressively introducing greener policies, many tourists, despite their worries, are still confused about what is their role in this whole ‘save the planet’ affair. So here are few suggestion on how to have a nice and relaxing vacation while taking good care of the planet’s resources.

  • Europe’s Biggest Flea Markets

    Does you idea of traveling involve collecting some vintage postcards and a worn-out t-shirt from every city you visit? Do you enjoy the smell of old furniture, are still taking photos with an ancient film camera and love to let yourself go along with the Sunday crowd?

    Then flea markets might just be the place for you: here, your stakes to meet some very interesting locals and purchase a new oddity to decorate your living room are considerably high. From spontaneous and quasi-illegal street fairs to some the oldest antique markets in Europe, here are our choices of Europe’s best flea markets:

  • Krakow’s Top Rated Bars



    There are few European cities that can compete with Krakow, Poland, both in terms of historic relevance and youthful atmosphere. Whether you choose to go out in Krakow’s Old Town (Stare Miasto) or in its bohemian Jewish District (Kazimierz), you will find the same friendly faces, original design and prices that are considerably below Western-European standards.

    In addition to the famous local vodka and a nice selection of Polish and European beers, most Krakow bars also serve food, which can also range from snacks to hearty dinners. Just in case you find yourself wandering along Krakow’s streets with no idea what to do next, here is our selection of some of Krakow’s most popular bars:

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