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  • Your Guide to an Active Vacation

    Sick and tired off all those organized trips, of getting that upsetting deja-vu sensation whenever you enter a hotel room or visit a new museum? Well, no reason to panic: there is nothing wrong with you or with the places that you are visiting. The only problem is that, when you visit places from the same perspective, things are likely to become boring and superfluous at some point. The best thing to do in this case is to change your way of doing things: just try to take more control over the situation, head for some place that you have never heard before, try to understand better the local traditions and lifestyle, and, most of all, learn to trust your own feet and instinct.

    The truth is that many people find it difficult to enter the shoes of the typical tourists: they always feel like going off the beaten path, getting involved, find a new challenge. For both the over-bored and the hyperactive tourists, here is out little guide to an active vacation:

    Get a seasonal job

    The most popular example of an active vacation is represented by the common practice (especially among college students and retired people) of getting a seasonal job. It’s not so hard to find such kind of job in countries like USA, Canada, France, Spain or any other major touristic destination that is likely to need some extra hands during peak seasons.

    And if making money is not a priority for you, then you can work at your own pace and get plenty of time to see the surroundings. What can be better than spending a whole summer in the fabulous Yosemite National Park or near the sunny beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and getting the chance to save some money in the same time?

    Join a cause

    Another way of mixing traveling with an active life is to become a volunteer for some non-profit organization. There will always be someone who needs your help, regardless of your qualification and skills: you don’t necessarily have to be a communication expert, you could also built houses or teach children English.

    One of the best things about volunteering is that it can serve multiple purposes: not only you will help a noble cause, but you can learn a new language, get familiar with a new culture, travel all over the world and in most cases, get free accommodation, free meals and some pocket money.

    Follow your passions

    There is a fearless adventurer hidden in every man – that’s one valuable lesson that travel agencies have learned and are now successfully exploiting. We all have our dreams and ambitions, like climbing Kilimanjaro, canoeing down Colorado River or orbiting around the planet.

    From going to a survival camp to exploring caves or canyoning through the deepest valleys, there are plenty of activities that you might enjoy. Although many of these guided active vacation packs can be a little pricey, most of them are worth of every penny: nothing compares with reaching some remote location that few other man have reached and tasting that overwhelming sensation of freedom, power and beauty.

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