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  • Best Adventure Travel Destinations for 2010

    One might think that in an age of fast an inexpensive traveling like ours, there is little room for      geographic discoveries, not to mention the glorious explorers of the latest centuries.

    Fortunately, the world is a really big place, big enough for every daring traveler to be able to get all adventure the he or she wants. And now that nature is gradually coming back to life after this fierce winter, it’s time to check out what 2010 brings new in terms of adventure travel.


    Recently nominated by National Geographic as the one of the ‘best new trips for 2010′, the Asian country of Bhutan has all the chances to become the ultimate adventure destination. And considering that half the territory of Bhutan just hangs somewhere at over 5000 meters above see level, there are little chances that Bhutan will become overcrowded with tourists soon.

    As for Bhutan’s hidden treasures, they include glacial valleys and plateaus covered by secular woods, isolated monasteries, together with the world’s highest (and still) unexplored peak, Gangkhar Puensum.


    Home to some really unique ecosystems, the mysterious Maya pyramids and numerous beach resorts spread along both the Pacific and the Caribbean costs, Mexico is the embodiment of adventure itself. A good place to start your Mexican adventure would be the Yucatan Peninsula, cradle of the Maya and their intriguing culture.

    Yucatan Peninsula represents one of the strangest regions of the world: all covered by luxuriant forests, old haciendas and freshwater ponds, the island has no surface river on its territory, just some subterranean rivers flowing through the enormous caves in its undergrounds.


    As long as its history goes, Turkey was always trapped between clashing civilizations: the result – a fascinating blend of ethnicities,  religions and traditions. For the tourist willing to adventure beyond city borders of the cosmopolitan and vibrant Istanbul and explore Turkey’s old mountains or the picturesque Turquoise coast, the possibilities are endless. By land or by sea, the coast is ready to reveal its ancient ruins, hidden bays and golden beaches.

    Russian Federation

    There is so much about Russia that hasn’t been said or seen yet! Although many of the ex-soviet republics are now independent states, the Russian Federation continues to the be the world’s biggest country.

    Going all the way from Moscow to Vladivostok has been the dream of many adventurers: do add a little salt and pepper, you could set aside the idea of taking the Trans-Siberian Express and take your motorcycle instead. It’s hard to predict what the distant Siberia might have prepared from you: form historic cities like Tomsk to communist reminiscences like the once ‘closed city’ of Yekaterinburg to the almost untouched wilderness surrounding Lake Baikal, Russia is the adventurer’s promised land.

    Now that you’ve seen our top choices for 2010, maybe we should finish up by mentioning that adventure travel is a little more demanding than regular traveling, both in terms of money and free time, as in many other aspects like necessary equipment, physical condition, etc. So, before starting to re-discover the world, make sure you cover all these important issues regarding your safety and comfort. Bon voyage!

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