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  • The most luxurious hotel suites in the world

    I’m sure that everyone has fantasized about spending at least a few nights in a luxury hotel, being waited on hand and foot, ordering gourmet room service and enjoying the most expensive jacuzzis, swimming pools you can ever imagine. Well, if you want to make your dream come true, you have to be prepared to seriously empty your bank account, because a room like this costs in the $15,000, and that’s without taxes! Here’s a list of the most expensive hotels in the world, hotels where only royalty, stars and magnates have access to (or people who have been saving up for it all their lives).

  • Sauna? Then it’s Finland!



    Nowadays saunas can be found at practically every street corner, and they have become available to everyone who is in dire need of some hot-steam induced relaxation. But the sauna is by no means a modern invention, like most of the best things in life.

    Actually, it has an age old tradition in Finland, where it was invented, and in the Baltic countries. Saunas have gone through many changes since their popularization around the world, so if you want the real deal, the best thing is to go straight to the source: Finland, the land of ice and hot steam.

  • My favorite Smithsonian museums

    When you think research institute in the US, you think Smithsonian, and rightly so. The Smithsonian Institution is famous worldwide, and it administers no less than 19 museums, a zoo and nine research institutes all over the United States.

    Its collections number 136 million items, ranging from art and history to aviation and spaceflight. For a thorough educational trip, all you have to do is visit the National Mall, where 11 of the museums are located.

  • The most impressive sacred sites on earth

    poseidon sounionWhether you’re spiritual or not, some religious places fill you with a sense of peace and quite, and often awe. Religious sites are built to impress, so most of the time they are large, ornate or plain…shiny. Pilgrims make long journeys every year to these sites, and while they go in order to benefit from the spiritual powers of the place, and simple visitors come so that they can marvel at the beauty of these places.

    Sacred places reflect a people’s values and beliefs, so if you are off on a trip with the goal of getting to know the culture of a place, visiting a sacred site or two is a must. So to start, here are the most impressive sacred places on earth.

  • Sporting events you must attend before you die

    Going to a sports event is one o those things that you have to experience at least once during your lifetime, even if you are not into sports (except maybe the occasional soccer or ball game with friends), or worse, even if you are a couch potato when you’re not traveling. It’s not even compulsory to know anything about sports in order to enjoy a sporting event – you’ll love it all the same.

    The excitement of rooting for a team or an athlete and cheering together with the other spectators is a unique feeling, and you never know, you might even become a sports fan after an event like this. So here are the most exciting sporting events that you should attend before you die.

  • Best stations on the Trans-Siberian railway

    trans siberianTraveling by train might not be the fastest way to get from one place to another, but the journey counts just as much as the destination, right? Especially if the journey takes place on the longest railway in the world, the Trans-Siberian. From the colourful domes of Moscow to windswept Vladivostok, you can travel through the vast expanses of Russia and stop at some of the most interesting train stations in the world.

    It’s the most convenient way you can get to know a significant portion of this fascinating country, and besides, many travelers swear that its enough to see the train station to get a feel of what a place really is like. So grab a Russian phrasebook a deck of cards, and embark on a week-long  train ride through Russia on the original Trans-Siberian railway.

  • Tips for traveling in the desert

    In today’s world, modern technology worked wonders when it comes to traveling, or more precisely, transport and accommodation. When you’re on a plane in business class or in a four star hotel, it is easy to forget that mother nature is just as powerful as before.

    That’s why there are some tips that it wouldn’t hurt to keep in mind when you’re traveling, even if you are going with an organized tour or when you know exactly where you’ll stay and how you’ll get there. There are plenty of places where it helps to know a trip or two, even if you don’t have to resort to them. Deserts, for example, are some of the most inhospitable places on earth, but people still seek them out because of their beauty – so here are some useful tips that might come in handy.

  • Top 5 greatest zoos in the world

    Zoos are one of those classic attractions that draw not only thousands of tourists, but locals as well. Going to the zoo on a Sunday afternoon was nothing unusual for people in the past, and although nowadays the popularity of zoos seems to have diminished a bit, kids at least will always want to gawk at wild animals in cages.

    Sure, seeing the animals in their natural habitats is much more rewarding (and less cruel), but visiting a zoo can be fun, especially if you think that most of the animals are well cared for. So if you like zoos, here’s a list of the best (and most ethical) zoos in the world.

  • Craziest circuses around the world

    Welcome, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most amazing, bizarre and hair-raising sights you’ll ever see. Fearsome tamed beasts, flying acrobats, mesmerizing magic acts and more! That’s what you get at the world-famous circuses you’re about to get acquainted with.

    Circuses have such a long traditions and are so enveloped in mystery and lore that it would be a huge mistake not to go to at least one representation, if you get the chance. It’s probably not educational, but who cares? Circuses represent fun in its purest, craziest form. So here are the most mind-blowing circuses of them all.

  • Top 5 picturesque German towns



    Some of the most beautiful fairy tales of our childhoods have been written by the Brothers Grimm, who, incidentally, happen to be German. Now, I know that the stories in their books are actually really old folk tales, but I can’t help but think that they were inspired by the amazing little towns scattered about the German countryside, which look like they haven’t changed a bit since the 19th century.

    Taking a tour of these picturesque German towns is like taking a trip to a land of magic, witches and talking animals (without the nasty bits, of course). So here are the most beautiful German towns you can visit, for the fairy tale enthusiast hiding in all of us.

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