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  • Tips for traveling in the desert

    In today’s world, modern technology worked wonders when it comes to traveling, or more precisely, transport and accommodation. When you’re on a plane in business class or in a four star hotel, it is easy to forget that mother nature is just as powerful as before.

    That’s why there are some tips that it wouldn’t hurt to keep in mind when you’re traveling, even if you are going with an organized tour or when you know exactly where you’ll stay and how you’ll get there. There are plenty of places where it helps to know a trip or two, even if you don’t have to resort to them. Deserts, for example, are some of the most inhospitable places on earth, but people still seek them out because of their beauty – so here are some useful tips that might come in handy.

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    siwa homesTake some time to get used to the desert conditions before embarking on a long trip. In the desert, everything from temperature and humidity to topography is different from what you are used to at home (unless you live in a desert :P).

    If you are visiting the Sahara, for example, spend a week in town at the outskirts of the desert, and get used to the heat and dry air. When you start your trip, try to conserve as much of your energy as you can, regardless of the type of desert you are traveling through.

    Pay attention to your wardrobe. The desert is certainly no runway, so you can afford to look unstyled if this will keep you safe from either sunburn and dehydration or frostbite. Protect your neck and head from the sun if you are in a hot desert, and use sunblock where you’re not covered.

    Also, make sure to pack warm clothes,deserts tend to be really cold at night, regardless of how hot they are during the day (even in Sahara the temperature can drop below 0 at night, and in Gobi it can drop to -40 degrees Celsius).

    Be careful of what you eat. There is a thing called Tripoli trots, and people who are visiting really hot climates or the first time can be prone to it. And as you can imagine, getting the trots in the middle of the desert can be unpleasant, to say the least.

    So refrain from eating only cooked food, try not to drink untreated water and peel fruit and vegetable before eating them, and local diary products, no matter how appealing should be eaten sparingly. Also, if you are consuming a lot of energy (if you’re hiking, for example) it is good to eat small portions of food as often as you can, in order to replenish your energy supplies.

    When traveling through the desert, the car will most likely be your chose means of transport (unless you want to attempt a caravan style camel- crossing). You should keep a pair of gloves at hand, because as strange as it sounds, leaving your car parked in the sun even for a couple of minutes can turn the steering wheel too hot to handle. The same goes for leather seats, so covering them with a blanket can save you from some painful burns!

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