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    More often than not, the mention of Chile will conjure up images of its snow-capped Andes, the lovely colonial capital, Santiago de Chile, or the elongated shape of a country that encompasses both the driest desert and the most impressive glacial fields in the world. It’s easy to forget that Chile’s is 4300 kilometers long, which means that if there’s one thing Chile has no shortage of, it’s beaches.

    Not all of the Chilean coastline is a smooth strip of sand, quite the opposite – the part where land meets sea is often rugged and craggy, but every now and then it gives way to a lovely beach. Visit the amazing beaches of Chile, another natural wonder that this country can be proud of.

    Bahia Inglesa, Caldera

    Bahia Inglesa village near Caldera is named after a British privateer who ended up on its beaches one day. The tiny village of only 135 inhabitants is a well developed tourist resort, with many accommodation options, and several beautiful beaches. Thanks to its year-round Mediterranean climate, the beaches of Bahi Inglesa (La Piscina, Las Manchas, Playa Blanca and El Chuncho) are popular with Chileans and foreigners alike.

    Colun Beach, Valdivian Coastal Reserve

    Bahia Inglesa, photo by on Flickr

    The 9 kilometer long Colun Beach in southern Chile is one of the best kept secrets of Chile, which rarely gets any visits from anyone other than locals. The beach has immense sand dunes and very clear water, and it takes a long trek through the reserve to reach it.

    There are no facilities on the beach, but if you are hiking through the Valdivian Beach Reserve, Colun is a wonderful little hidden spot to discover.

    Zapallar, Valparaiso

    The small coastal town of Zapallar in Valparaiso has one of the most scenic beaches in South America, with incredibly white sand ans fringed by thick forests. There are summer houses and gardens near the beach, and the view is much better than in heavily touristy resorts where all you can see are hotel buildings.

    La Serena, Coquimbo Region

    La Serena, photo by

    La Serena is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Chileans from Santiago and for Argentines who flee from the scorching January heat.

    The city is a fun place, but the beaches are the reason why this place is so popular. The beaches are called the Avenida del Mar, the Sea Avenue, with twelve sections that tend to be too rough for swimming, but excellent for water sports.

    Isla Negra

    Isla Negra is famous for being the home of celebrated Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who gave the area its name, the Black Island, because of its dark rocky outcrops. Isla Negra is a thriving community of artists and a very scenic vacation spot, with three beaches that are beautiful in different ways.

    Las Conchitas is rocky and dramatic, Pablo Neruda is easily accessible and quite popular, while the Agate Beach is strewn with colorful stones.

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