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  • Favorite Destinations for the Month of May

    For many of you travelers up there, the month of May might represent just a mild prelude to the exuberance of summer. But in fact, May is the most privileged month, as it takes the best out of both seasons: the weather is warm enough to make you go outside, yet it doesn’t reach unbearable limits; the jasmine-infused nights are simply ravishing and, to add the cherry on top, this is a time when some wonderful events are taking place all over the world.

    This being said, May might be the perfect moment to pack your bags and take off; with so many things going on, almost every destination you pick will reward you with lots of fun and perfect weather. However, in case nothing comes to your mind, feel free to take a look at out picks for May 2010:

  • How to Make the Best Out of a US Road Trip

    No matter if you are a fresh graduate in search of adventure, a soon to be groom who’s tormented by  second thoughts or a retired person who just has too much extra time, a road trip is always a great occasion to change the scenery, get some meaningful travel experience and re-balance your life. With all that literature, movies and blues songs glorifying the road trips, no wonder that this travel trend keeps coming to the surface, twisting our minds and forcing us to hit the road.

    And the naked truth is that, no matter how long or sinuous your journey, you will always come back as a new person. So if you’re looking for a fulfilling, life-altering experience, here are a few tricks that can ease your planning and add a plus of adventure to your road trip:  

  • Springtime in Paris: Most Overrated Attractions and Their Brilliant Alternatives

    The city of Paris, whose bohemian cafes and picturesque streets served once as a refuge for damned poets and self-exiled painters, has nowadays become a money-making machine that attracts millions and millions of travelers every year. But it would be unfair to claim that Paris as a whole is overrated – few other cities can match Paris in terms of architectural excellence, number of museums or glamorous boutiques.
    It is a common mistake among Paris tourists to spend half of their time standing in lines and waiting in the traffic. No one can deny the importance of such sites as Notre Dame or the Louvre, but let us just accept that, if it wasn’t for a few famous movies, these places would have received only half of the attention they are enjoying now. Paris is the kind of city that requires lots of patience and the willingness to explore it all by yourself. So, of you really want to get a taste of Paris an not just a scrap book full of clichéd pictures, the first thing to do is leave all those overrated, time wasting attractions behind and just enjoy everything else:

  • World’s Most Extravagant Spa Centers

    I think that there are very few of us travelers who never dreamed about reaching some unknown tropical island, where your beauty and wits would make the benevolent inhabitants elect you as their leader and do everything to please you for as many days you have left (this will include daily massages,  hot tub baths and serving breakfast in your hammock). It might seem like a wild and impossible dream, but with a little imagination and a good share of your life savings, this dream can easily become true.

    The truth is that there are hundreds of such places all around the world: just bring out several hundreds of dollars and you will feel more spoiled and pampered than a king! Modern spas can be found almost everywhere: in the middle of the desert, on some isolated island or right at the top of a skyscraper. But there are spas whose harmonious design, innovative treatments and high professionalism have made them famous all around the globe. We therefore present you five of the most extravagant spa centers in the world:  

  • Cool Vacation Spots Right Outside the Border

    The fact that the United States are only bordered by two countries doesn’t necessarily makes things easier: sometimes it is quite difficult to decide between the hot and exotic Mexico and the cold and outdoorsy Canada. One thing is for sure: they are both worthy of at least one vacation. Just in case you want to play it safe and only put one foot over the border, both counties have dozens of resorts that are only a few miles outside the Unites States.

    This way, you won’t suffer any dramatic change of scenery, and you can still get a taste of another culture, within your own terms. It’s not like you will freak out and rush back to the States any second, but these kind of places can look familiar and different in the same time.  Today we give you five of the best right outside the border American resorts:

  • 5 Small Town Festivals That You Just Can’t Miss

    There are two ways to look at the upcoming summer: you can either wait for your holiday and try to concentrate all the activities within those few free weeks, or you could just see the whole summer  like a long series of adventures, with every weekend bringing another opportunity for a fabulous escape. Although exotic destinations have the tendency to keep you daydreaming for half a year, small town America can also offer some unexpected surprises.

    So don’t try to save all your energy for just one long vacation. With a little luck, every day can be a holiday and you never know what isolated little town might make you feel like a 21 century pioneer, on the verge of discovering a totally unexpected and never before imagined side of America. This is exactly the reason why today we decided to present you five small town fests that are worth of all the attention:

  • Top Coolest Replica Monuments in the US

    Although we find it difficult to accept, sometimes we have to face the facts and just admit it to ourselves that we will never have all the time or resources to see everything there is to see (that unless someone discovers teleportation or the secret of immortality during our lifetime).

    I don’t mean to sound all pessimistic and grim, so I will rater get to the point: if you really care for a mugshot of yours that has the Colosseum or the Eiffel tower on the background,  you don’t necessarily to go through all that pain of getting to Italy or France. All across the Unites States, you will find the most unbelievable replicas of these famous monuments; from the Greek Parthenon to Eiffel tower itself, here is where you can find the best of the nation’s replica landmarks:

  • Europe’s Most Beautifully Restored Cities



    For the travel who is admiring a several century old Gothic cathedral for the first time, making the difference between an authentic and a reconstructed church can be a tough job. Seeing all those architectural marvels and historical monuments makes you believe that you are somehow trapped between two different time periods – and, God knows, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of such cities across the Old Europe. But a really great city is one that can reconstruct itself from its own ruins, list like in the mythical Phoenix.

    Following the numerous air raids and sieges that devastated Europe during World War II, there are numerous example of cities that have been almost entirely destroyed. And yet, they have managed to reborn, much more beautiful and stronger than they’ve ever been.

  • World’s Most Long-lasting Restaurants

    Eating out has always been a powerful socialization tool. The first restaurants where not only places where you could taste the latest culinary delicacies, but also places to interact with the others, confirm your social status or simply meet new people.

    All across the world we can find restaurants that have managed to survive centuries of progress, in which trends and habits have radically changed. However, these restaurants have somehow managed to survive, always sustained by the people’s need for a palace socialize and be surprised by the most unexpected combinations of flavors (there are gourmands among us, let us keep that in mind). As eating out is also mandatory for a complete travel experience, today we give you a brief list of world’s oldest and most prestigious restaurants:

  • America’s Most Sensational Islands

    Considering the United States’ thousands of miles of coastline, most vacationers hardly ever consider the country’s numerous islands and islets when it comes to spending the holidays.

    There are, of course, those iconic islands that represent almost a patriotic duty for every good-faithed American – like the historic Staten Island, Ellis Island, or the exotic Hawaii, the ultimate honeymoon retreat. But there are hundreds of other islands, many of them hardly ever affected by the nuisance of civilization, that can represent a true revelation for the daring traveler. Today we give you five of the most sensational US islands:

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