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  • World’s Most Extravagant Spa Centers

    I think that there are very few of us travelers who never dreamed about reaching some unknown tropical island, where your beauty and wits would make the benevolent inhabitants elect you as their leader and do everything to please you for as many days you have left (this will include daily massages,  hot tub baths and serving breakfast in your hammock). It might seem like a wild and impossible dream, but with a little imagination and a good share of your life savings, this dream can easily become true.

    The truth is that there are hundreds of such places all around the world: just bring out several hundreds of dollars and you will feel more spoiled and pampered than a king! Modern spas can be found almost everywhere: in the middle of the desert, on some isolated island or right at the top of a skyscraper. But there are spas whose harmonious design, innovative treatments and high professionalism have made them famous all around the globe. We therefore present you five of the most extravagant spa centers in the world:  

    Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa, French Polynesia

    Whether we are talking about world’s best honeymoon retreats, the most picture-perfect destinations or the most luxurious hotels, Bora Bora will always make it to the list. Widely accepted as the ‘paradise on earth’, Bora Bora makes the ideal setting for an Olympian treat, consisting in coconut milk & wildflower baths, followed by a relaxing massage or a rub made from tropical plants and minerals.

    Capri Palace, Italy

    Being a celebrity can be quite stressful: which is also the reason why Professor Francesco Canonaco, a world-famous health expert, is the one in charge with the advanced spa treatments received by the even more famous guests of Capri Palace, located on the picturesque island of Capri. Using Mediterranean-inspired cures like essential oil and sea salt peeling or seaweed mud therapies, Capri’s Beauty Farm will take spa aficionados to a place they could hardly dream of.

    Sultana Oualidia, Morocco

    The history of the spa just wouldn’t have been the same without the existence of the hammams (also known as Turkish baths). Taking the appearance of a high-class hammam, the renowned spa at Sultana Hotel, Oualidia, is one of the best and most exclusive spas in the world. Combining the benefits of cardio-training with the fragrances and well-kept secretes of the Arabic world, this isolated spa is just like an oasis of tranquility and relaxation.

    Hotel Arts Barcelona, Spain

    Highly regarded as one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe, Hotel Arts Barcelona is not only famous for its original decorum and amazing views over the bay, but also for the the state of the art Six Senses Spa Canter. This scenic spa center is any time ready to stimulate the senses of its lucky guests by all means possible, from classic therapies like the steam sauna and the morning exercises to color therapy and ear candling.

    Toskana World, Germany

    Located in the idyllic atmosphere of what Germans call the ‘Tuscany of the East’ (a hilly agricultural region surrounding the city of Weimar), Bad Sulza has been known for ages thanks to the rejuvenating powers of its salty waters. Combining the force of water with the harmonious rhythms of German music, the exclusive Liquid Sound therapy addresses both the body and the soul.

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