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  • Fall Travel Guide

    Experts advise us to discover each of the world’s delights in a particular season. Hence, while it is best to catch the sun beams on a Hawaiian or Caribbean golden beach and to snorkel in the azure ocean water when summer is in full swing, there’s nothing like a getaway to a resort in the Alps when the snow is sifting down from the sky and Christmas is near. Still, what are the world’s best places to visit when the chilly autumn is knocking on summer’s back door? Well, if you are eager to start an early-fall out-of-country escape and to rejoice the lower rates, the crowd-free locations and a mild wind, here’s a one-stop shop for some of the most amazing destinations scattered worldwide that you can discover in the fall.

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  • Great Labor Day Destinations

    Even though Labor Day symbolizes the end of the hot season, being celebrated this year on September, 7 it doesn’t mean it has to suggest the end of the summer fun as well. Therefore, why don’t you extend the summer fun-filled days and set up an easy escape to a magnificent destination? After all, this three-day weekend is all about rest, parades and tasty food. In spite of the fact that over the years the tourists have been after the cosmopolitan package, picking a big bustling city for a quick exploration, we suggest you to give up the classic formula and to go for a top-notch destination that will help you enjoy the sunbeams and the warm weather close to the nature and not far away from your home. Best of all, we came up with several solutions, whether you would like to spend a few days on the beach, hiking, gazing at overwhelming lake sights or sample the fine restaurants and the amusing, cultural ¬†aspects of certain towns. Briefly, let us countdown some of the destinations that would make for the ideal Labor Day weekend.

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  • Coffee Cities around the World

    While some people travel to see overwhelming sights, natural wonders or worldly renowned landmarks, some other tourists seek for relaxation and are willing to discover exotic tastes of food and drinks. After all, a travel is set due to multi-fold reasons: admiring new places, gazing at landscapes, architectural marvels, food and drinks… When it comes to coffee, some people’s experience is reduced to a $5 cup bought from Starbucks and which is meant to keep them fresh and up all day long. However, the real coffee drinkers appreciate the flavor of a coffee made of high-quality freshly roasted beans without any sugar or milk added and enjoyed with a fluffy muffin. Nevertheless, regardless of the category, you have to admit there is nothing like the flavored smell of a hot cup of coffee that you drink in the morning hoping it will give you enough energy for the rest of the day. Lengthways time, some cities have gained reputation for providing the tourists with the best coffee in the world. So it’s high time we all know where can be savored the most flavored coffee worldwide.

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  • Family-Friendly Beaches across the United States

    Nothing says summer like a trip to a white-powdery sand beach rimmed by azure water just perfect for surfing, diving or near coral reefs for snorkeling or sailing in between. Long strolls on the soft sand, swimming, enjoying fresh cocktails while lazing on a lounge chair, these are the elements that make for an ideal getaway. In spite of the varied range of possibilities you can choose from when planning your summer holiday, there’s nothing more suitable for the hot season than a sun-drenched beach. Admittedly, it all depends on each traveler’s interests. Nevertheless, when travelling alongside your children, things get slightly more complicated as the priorities are way different: you search for amusement, sandcastle potential, water featuring small waves and all instead of a bustling nightlife. Hence, for those of you penciling a family vacation, here are the best five kid-friendly beaches across the United States.

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