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    Experts advise us to discover each of the world’s delights in a particular season. Hence, while it is best to catch the sun beams on a Hawaiian or Caribbean golden beach and to snorkel in the azure ocean water when summer is in full swing, there’s nothing like a getaway to a resort in the Alps when the snow is sifting down from the sky and Christmas is near. Still, what are the world’s best places to visit when the chilly autumn is knocking on summer’s back door? Well, if you are eager to start an early-fall out-of-country escape and to rejoice the lower rates, the crowd-free locations and a mild wind, here’s a one-stop shop for some of the most amazing destinations scattered worldwide that you can discover in the fall.


    Due to the multiple works of art, buildings, churches, monuments featuring an impressive architecture, Florence, the capital of the Italian region Tuscany draws millions of tourists all year round. The heart of the city is constantly crowded with eager-to-know travelers gazing at the Dome (also known as Santa Maria del Fiore Church) and wandering in Piazza della Signoria overwhelmed by the spectacular architectural masterpieces. However, during the first months of autumn, this open-air museum isn’t as crowded as in the summer days and you can avoid all the agitation surrounding the multiple groups of tourists.

    Great Smoky Mountains

    If you’re a nature-lover, you shouldn’t cross the borders of the country to admire the perfect fall picture drawn in shades of orange, yellow, green and red because the Great Smoking Mountain National Park offers top-notch sights during the rainy season. Aside from escaping the bustling city and breathing fresh air, you can spot multiple species of animals (including the black bear) and plants. The park is home to deciduous forests so you can step on a colorful carpet of leaves when strolling down the narrow forest paths. What better and more beautiful sign of the nature living the autumn?


    Nothing says autumn like the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. It is a time of celebration when the locals hold fairs, organize exhibitions and serve traditional culinary delights like the tasty wursts, traditional fried sausages that come with mustard and a pretzel. Still, the festival has gained reputation among the tourists due to the large pints of flavored beer sold with this occasion. Not to mention there are multiple beer styles featuring different mouthfeel and color that you can savor. Despite its denomination, the festival kicks off in September and comes to an end in October, so if you happen to be in Germany in the aforementioned period, stop by and experience a slice of the German culture.

    Napa Valley

    Autumn is not only the season of the falling leaves, but also the time when the rich, mellow fruit are gathered, including the grapes that produce a sweet-tasting aromatic wine. So what better time to stop by the Napa Valley in Carolina dotted by vineyards than the harvest season? Whether you’re a wine-lover or a less experienced traveler when it comes to this drink, I’m sure a freshly-squeezed grape juice or an old bottle of locally produced wine will satisfy your taste buds.


    A visit to the China’s major city, Shanghai can cost you less provided you catch a travel deal and decide to start your trip at the beginning of October. Hence, you can pay a visit to the City God Temple or to the Bund on a sunny day as in this country autumn is a mild, enjoyable season. In addition to the fine weather, visiting the Chinese metropolis during fall features another advantage: the streets are less crowded and this cosmopolitan package is a blast.

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