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    While some people travel to see overwhelming sights, natural wonders or worldly renowned landmarks, some other tourists seek for relaxation and are willing to discover exotic tastes of food and drinks. After all, a travel is set due to multi-fold reasons: admiring new places, gazing at landscapes, architectural marvels, food and drinks… When it comes to coffee, some people’s experience is reduced to a $5 cup bought from Starbucks and which is meant to keep them fresh and up all day long. However, the real coffee drinkers appreciate the flavor of a coffee made of high-quality freshly roasted beans without any sugar or milk added and enjoyed with a fluffy muffin. Nevertheless, regardless of the category, you have to admit there is nothing like the flavored smell of a hot cup of coffee that you drink in the morning hoping it will give you enough energy for the rest of the day. Lengthways time, some cities have gained reputation for providing the tourists with the best coffee in the world. So it’s high time we all know where can be savored the most flavored coffee worldwide.

    But first you should know that aside from featuring a different aroma from one country to the other, coffee is also served differently. For example, in Turkey and Greece, coffee is usually brought to you in a small-sized cup presenting a thick consistency. While some coffee connoisseurs might find it unacceptable, when ordering a coffee in Japan coffee you receive a cup of the black drink with accompanied by condensed milk.

    Java, Indonesia

    Situated in east of Jakarta, Java is worldly famous for producing one of the most aromatic coffee beans from which a natural sweetened coffee is prepared.  Wet processed, the coffee in Java is a delight for your taste buds. A more light and aromatic specialty is the Mocha Java obtained from mixing Java with other type of coffee beans.

    Coban, Guatemala

    This city is a paradise for the coffee lovers because it offers not only distinct, exotic flavored coffee but also tours emphasizing the coffee making process. Therefore, we advise you to stop by the Finca Santa Margarita plantation because you will be also give a sweet treat, free samples of coffee produced here.

    Costa Rica

    La Finca Escondida, the coffee plantation in Costa Rica is praised for the organic, caffeine high coffee beans growing here. Moreover, the tourists can also rejoice a spectacular view of the coffee forests while sipping from an aromatic drink.

    Kona, Hawaii

    Here’s another destination boasting you with the local coffee culture and featuring endless plantations. Tourists claim the beans collected from the trees in Kona are not only sun-kissed, but golden and make for the best fresh coffee in the world. And if you’re curious about the making process, you are free to take glance.

    We have countdown so far the places where you can drink your coffee right from the tree and which are praised for producing the best coffee in the world, but there are also some high-class locations in the world were the accent is put on the way the drink is served.

    Vienna, Austria

    There isn’t a more elegant place to enjoy your coffee than in the heart of Austria’s capital. The local coffee tradition imagines the tourists sipping from their drinks and tasting from a mouth-watering cake, like sacher torte. In the coffee shops located here, you can try blending the taste of your coffee with brandy, whipped cream, honey or milk for a unique flavor. Probably one of the most popular coffee specialties on the Viennese menu is Maria Theresa which is prepared with a dash of Cointreau.

    Rome, Italy

    There is a certain unwritten rule in the capital of the boot-shaped peninsula: to sit down on a terrace and laze while enjoying a cup of espresso or cappuccino topped by rich foam. However, you should know that Italians consider it a bad habit to order coffee after breakfast, so if you don’t want to divulge your identity, order after 11.30.

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