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April 18, 1982
Home town:
Budapest, Hungary
countries visited:
France, Germany, Ireland, Morocco, Spain, United Kingdom
favorite places:
Budapest, London, Berlin

Native language:English Occupation:student 
Languages:Hungarian Eye color:blue Hair Color:dark blond Favorite cities:Budapest, London, Berlin Favorite movies:Fight Club Favorite music:rock, jazz 

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Tibi60's Travel Tips

1. Beacon Hill in Boston - Boston, Massachusetts (added on Sep 17, 2011)
2. Meritage Restaurant - Saint Paul, Minnesota (added on Feb 28, 2011)
3. Minnesota State Capitol - Saint Paul, Minnesota (added on Feb 25, 2011)
4. Orso Ristorante - Anchorage, Alaska (added on Feb 22, 2011)
5. Virginia Beach Boardwalk - Virginia Beach, Virginia (added on Jan 18, 2011)
6. California State Capitol Museum - Sacramento, California (added on Jan 3, 2011)
7. Sibelius Monument - Helsinki, Finland (added on Nov 1, 2010)
8. Chima Restaurant - Charlotte, North Carolina (added on Oct 26, 2010)
9. Amon Carter Museum - Fort Worth, Texas (added on Oct 21, 2010)
10. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens - Jacksonville, Florida (added on Oct 18, 2010)
11. The Bund - Shanghai, China (added on Oct 18, 2010)
12. Daruma Japanese Restaurant - Jacksonville, Florida (added on Oct 17, 2010)
13. St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis - Indianapolis, Indiana (added on Oct 16, 2010)
14. Ah Teng’s Bakery - Singapore, Singapore (added on Oct 13, 2010)
15. The Sixth Floor Museum - Dallas, Texas (added on Oct 6, 2010)
16. Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel - Singapore, Singapore (added on Sep 30, 2010)
17. Walking Tour: Amsterdam in World War II - Amsterdam, Netherlands (added on Sep 28, 2010)
18. Russian Museum - Saint Petersburg, Russia (added on Sep 27, 2010)
19. Summer Garden - Saint Petersburg, Russia (added on Sep 24, 2010)
20. Lyndale Park Gardens - Minneapolis, Minnesota (added on Sep 22, 2010)
21. Contemporary Art Museum - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (added on Sep 15, 2010)
22. The Beijing Zoo - Beijing, China (added on Sep 9, 2010)
23. Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 - New Orleans, Louisiana (added on Aug 29, 2010)
24. Wine Room on Park Avenue - Orlando, Florida (added on Aug 29, 2010)
25. Underground Atlanta - Atlanta, Georgia (added on Aug 29, 2010)
26. Spice Market in Atlanta - Atlanta, Georgia (added on Aug 28, 2010)
27. French Market in New Orleans - New Orleans, Louisiana (added on Aug 27, 2010)

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