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  • Backpacking in Crimea

    Mentions of Crimea appear far more often in discussions about the Crimean War, but the name hardly appears when it comes to tourism. Crimea is known to be the place where live war reporting became a widespread practice, but it its still not exactly what you’d call a popular tourist destination. The Crimean Peninsula, however, has all the makings of an interesting travel destination: unique geography (Crimea looks like an island linked to the mainland through a narrow natural bridge), diverse beaches and mountain scenery. For a backpacker, Crimea is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, so here’s a short guide to backpacking in Crimea.

  • What to wear while backpacking

    photo by Akeg

    Backpacking is light-years away from luxury travel, so when you go off traveling with all your bare necessities packed in one small luggage, you aren’t planning on attending cocktail soirees anyway. While fashion is probably the least of any backpacker’s concern, dismissing your wardrobe choices might not be the best idea when it comes to backpacking? Not because you want to look good when your on a crowded train or at a pub in the middle of nowhere, but because the wrong clothes can really ruin your entire day (or week, month, whichever period of time you’re spending on the road). So here are some tips regarding what to wear while backpacking.

  • Top 5 trails to Macchu Picchu

    Macchu Picchu, the ruined city of the Incas, still looms proudly over Urubamba Valley in Peru, centuries after it was abandone more than 6 centuries ago. The ‘forgotten city of the Incas’ was unknown to everyone except for the locals until 1911, when American historian Hiram Bingham brought it to international attention. Now, Macchu Picchu is the most well known icon of the Inca civilization, and one of theĀ  new seven wonders of the world. Visitors usually take the Inca Trail to arrive to the ruins, but there are several alternative ways that can give you a glimpse of a lesser known facet of the region. Here are the top 5 trails to Macchu Picchu.

  • The best pet friendly travel destinations

    When you go traveling for more than a couple of days, it’s usually recommended to find a friend or neighbor that will water your plants and pick up your mail, and I’m sure it’s not that difficult to find volunteers. But if it’s Fluffy or Rover that you have to leave at home, and not a cactus, it might be more difficult to convince someone to take care of them. And if you are reluctant to leave your pet alone while you’re off traveling, why not take them with you? Traveling with pets takes more planning and care than a regular trip would, but it can be plenty of fun too! Here are some of the best pet friendly travel destinations that you can explore together with your animal companion.

  • The best sandboarding destinations in the world

    Since we’ve already written about where you can find the most interesting sand dunes in the world, here’s another treat for those of you who still feel some nostalgia for those childhood days spent playing in the sand box. Sand has many uses, way beyond building castles on the beach, especially if you are longing to do something more adventurous than developing your miniature castle building skills – sandboarding. Sandboarding is not that different from snowboarding, but instead of fluffy frozen water, you end up with mouthfuls of sand when you tumble down. For all the extreme-sports enthusiasts, here are the best sandboarding destinations in the world.

  • Camping tips for campfire cooking

    So you’ve decided to go camping. You’ve packed your hiking boots, some good maps of hiking trails, a collection of ghost stories to tell around the campfire, and a big bag of marshmallows. But what about your meals? Sandwiches will keep you going for a day or two, but once you get tired of bread slices with something between them and the occasional snacks, what are you going to do? Well, that campfire is good for more than telling stories and making marshmallows. Here are some camping tips for campfire cooking and have a great outdoor adventure!

  • Where to eat the best gumbo in New Orleans

    Southern cuisine is one of the most recognizable regional cuisines in the US, and also the most complex and refined one, according to many (but mostly locals from Louisiana and beyond). The objective truth is that Southerners have good reason to be proud of their cuisine. The French, Cajun and Spanish influences have brought some exciting flavors into the food of the South, especially in the coastal states where there is plenty of seafood. Flamboyant New Orleans is the place to be if you’re craving some southern dishes, like gumbo, for example, that delicious Louisianan seafood stew. Here’s a list of places where you can eat the best gumbo in New Orleans.

  • Top 5 surf spots in the world

    Some people go to the beach for the sun, the people, the beach volley and maybe a dip in salt water, but if you’re a surfer, things get much more serious than this. You start looking at other things when you think of the ideal beach, besides the nice scenery. The waves have to be great, the weather equally so, and if there are other surfers with whom you can have some friendly competition, then all the better. Here are the top 5 surf spots in the world.

  • Amazing places: Uzbekistan


    No matter how much you’ve been traveling in your lifetime, there will always be some blank spots on the map that you know next to nothing about. Uzbekistan is one such blank spot for even many seasoned travelers, despite the fact that it has everything that a good travel destination needs: rich culture and history, interesting traditions and beautiful scenery. This ex-Soviet country should definitely feature more prominently in travel brochures and itineraries, so here’s the next installment in our series Amazing places: Uzbekistan.

  • Top 5 historic cities in Italy

    photo by Basilio Speziari

    Italy is seen as the place where good art comes from (not all good art, of course, but much of it), a place where you can see the newest fashions and buy them too, and where there are more historical attractions per square km than anywhere else in Europe. Italy is a great place for the exploration of historic places, but it has its fair share of cosmopolitan cities too. If you want to avoid fashion capitals and trendy holiday destinations and get a closer look at this country’s rich historical heritage, here are the top 5 historic cities in Italy.

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