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  • Dos and don’ts in Travel for Singles on Valentine’s Day

    Walking in the sunset

    Walking in the sunset ©Damian Gadal/Flickr

    Everyone is talking about couples’ retreats and romantic travel ideas for Valentine’s Day, but hey, a lot of us will be singles on that day. That is why we come with a few ideas on where to travel as a single on Valentine’s day and also, where definitely not to travel if you do not want to be surrounded by loving couples and romantic songs all day long. 

  • The Malecon promenade Cuba

    Malecon walkway in Havana

    Malecon walkway ©neiljs/Flickr

    The beautiful 8 km long Malecon promenade is the pedestrian walkway on the oceanside near Havana that starts in La Habana Vieja and ends at the Almendares River. It lies between Vedado and Miramar and is one of the most amazing places where you can take a walk in or near the Cuban capital, plus there are lots of things you can do. 

  • Top Scotland and Ireland events in 2014

    Hogmanay in Edinburgh

    Hogmanay in Edinburgh ©Joe/Flcikr

    It is safe to day that Scotland and Ireland are two parts of Europe are among the most popular destinations on the continent. Many descendants of those who immigrated to the US come back annually to their motherland and many others come for the famous Celtic culture.

    If you are also planning a trip to Ireland or Scotland this year, let us help you with some of the top events in 2014 that will surely make you want to come back again!

  • Ritz Carlton Rewards Program

    Ritz Carlton Miami

    Ritz Carlton Miami ©Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr

    Originally conceived by Swiss hotelier Cesar Ritz who developed a reputation for creating the finest guest experience anywhere at hotels he managed in Europe. Among these were the venerable Ritz Hotel in Paris, and the Carlton in London. The first Ritz Carlton in America opened in New York in 1911 by Albert Keller, a businessman who secured the rights to own and operate the chain in the US.

    Today, if you consult a travel guide, you’ll find Ritz Carlton hotels, Destination Clubs, and Residences across the entire globe, from Arizona to Abu Dhabi, and every point in between.

  • Things to know before visiting Okinawa

    Eating with chopsticks

    Eating with chopsticks ©Brandon Conelly/Flickr

    You might also call this post things to know before visiting Japan, as the rules of politeness that follow are quite general, apply for the whole country. However now it concentrates on how to treat the locals in Okinawa, this less known but not less lovely part of the island nation, and how you can expect to be treated.

    If you believe I have missed something and there are more things to know before visiting Okinawa, feel free to raise your voice in the comment section! 

  • Affordable adventure travel ideas

    Dog sledding in Canada

    Dog sledding in Canada ©kris krüg/Flickr

    As popular as it is newly, adventure travel is still perceived as expensive for most of us. I intend to prove you that you can have exciting experiences during your vacations without having to spend a lot of money on costly organized tours and professional guides.

    So here come a couple of affordable adventure travel ideas but feel free to let us know about your stories in the comment section.

  • A gay friendly guide to Las Vegas

    Green Valley Ranch

    Green Valley Ranch ©Drew Bates/Flickr

    Would you like to go on a gay friendly getaway in Vegas? Do not worry! The Sin City warm-heartedly welcomes all lifestyles, it is in fact one of the most famous LGBT travel destinations.

    Go further to get some tips on a really pleasant gay friendly vacation in Las Vegas, and if you have any questions, just let us know in the comment section below.

  • Top 5 Belfast attractions you cannot miss



    Belfast is undoubtedly one of the most visited and most attractive cities of the United Kingdom. The capital city of Northern Ireland attracts millions of visitors yearly due to its astonishing landmarks and visitor attractions. There are tens or even hundreds of sights to visit in and around this fantastic city.
    The Titanic Belfast, St. George’s Market, Belfast Castle, the Oh Yeah Music Centre and the nearby natural wonder named the Giant’s Causeway are the top 5 Belfast attractions you cannot miss. Make your packages quickly, buy a ticket to Belfast and don’t forget to make a reservation at one of its excellent hotels. While you are on your way, get some useful information by reading this guide. For more information, check the video below, too.

  • Pros and cons of vacation rental

    England cottage for rent

    England cottage ©CohenKenny/Flickr

    Apparently vacation rental is getting more and more popular in the US as well as Europe. It is not the traditional way of going on a getaway and many people are quite suspicious about trying it out although it can be quite cool.

    Ever had the same problem? Let me try to help you with that with some of the pros and cons of vacation rental and – as the first pro, watch this short video about how much fun you can have in your home away…

  • How to choose the perfect ski resort this winter

    Skiing group

    Skiing group Skistar Trysil/Flickr

    With things still tight for many of us, it’s not surprising that Britain’s 1.2 million skiers are looking for their money to stretch further on their winter holiday.

    But one thing you should be very careful of compromising on is destination. The perfect ski break starts with choosing the resort that’s right for you and those you are travelling with. That means sitting down with everyone in your party and taking a long, hard look at what you need from your ski base.
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