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  • Dos and don’ts in Travel for Singles on Valentine’s Day

    Walking in the sunset

    Walking in the sunset ©Damian Gadal/Flickr

    Everyone is talking about couples’ retreats and romantic travel ideas for Valentine’s Day, but hey, a lot of us will be singles on that day. That is why we come with a few ideas on where to travel as a single on Valentine’s day and also, where definitely not to travel if you do not want to be surrounded by loving couples and romantic songs all day long. 

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    Travel ideas for singles on Valentine’s Day

    The Mayan Riviera and the Yucatan Peninsula in general can be a great idea for single travelers. On one hand you can call the history buff out of yourself and visit the thousand year old Mayan ruins in the area and breath in the spirit of the ancients, on the other hand you can enjoy all the beaches you want in some relaxing 4 star resort with the best spa treatments in the world.

    Maya ruins in mexico

    Maya Ruins in Mexico ©Graeme Churchard/Flickr

    No matter whether you just do not want to see couples during this holiday or you maybe hope to find your soulmate, a cruise for singles can bring a lot of fun! Many large cruise lines start singles’ cruises all around the year and if you have always been fascinated about the sea you will love this. Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruise lines and many others have single cruises of all lengths and with various destinations, you will love it.

    Have you been to Ireland lately? If you are the partying type an Irish pub tour could be the perfect thing for you on Valentine’s Day. A Dublin vacation is fun on its own and if you spice it with a little pub visiting, either alone or with friends, it can be an amazing experience. You can also visit some other towns like Cork, Limerick, Waterford or any village, people will be friendly and, as the High Kings songs says, “Wherever you go around the world, you’ll find an Irish pub!” so why not party through the romantic holiday this year?

    These are just a few recommendations, but basically you can go anywhere you like – except for a few places you will see below – to have a great time alone or with some other single friends.

    Places to avoid on Valentine’s Day if you are single

    All the area of New England is filled with cozy and romantic B&Bs. Avoid them if you do not want to stumble upon lovebirds every corner and in every restaurants. Couples love these places for a nice retreat but you as a single might not appreciate people canoodling all over the place. Instead you can choose to go to one of the great spa retreats that offer all sorts of great and even wild activities for you and maybe the single friends you will bring along.

    Romantic New England B&B

    Romantic New England B&B ©Doug Kerr/Flickr

    One other bad idea would be to romantic, candlelit restaurants – anywhere! All cities and towns have these nice, warm restaurants that are perfect for couples on Valentine’s Day, but not for you! our choice could be a really good nightclub that evening where you could meet new people and dance all night.

    Even if you love the winter and winter sports, using Valentine’s Day weekend for a little practice is not a good idea. It is a very popular activity for this romantic holiday to go out skiing together and then spend a warm evening cuddling on the couches of these nice retreats.

    You might also want to avoid the best flower shops and the elegant chocolate shops of any town. Both will be filled with men hunting for some acceptable last-minute gift for their significant others. Romantic hotels and off the track resorts are also off limit for you. They are also favored by those vacationing with their one and only.

    Wherever you will be or want to travel, do not frequent the narrow, cobbled streets, especially those that have horse-drawn carriage services, you will see loving couples everywhere and if you are reading this now, it means that you do not want that.

    Hope you liked our Valentine’s Day single traveler advice of today and you can find yourself some places in your town or elsewhere where you can enjoy your singleness to the fullest and without disturbance!

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