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  • Dos and don’ts in Travel for Singles on Valentine’s Day

    Walking in the sunset

    Walking in the sunset ©Damian Gadal/Flickr

    Everyone is talking about couples’ retreats and romantic travel ideas for Valentine’s Day, but hey, a lot of us will be singles on that day. That is why we come with a few ideas on where to travel as a single on Valentine’s day and also, where definitely not to travel if you do not want to be surrounded by loving couples and romantic songs all day long. 

  • Unusual and Romantic Destinations for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day is coming

    Valentine’s Day is coming ©Scott/Flickr

    The most romantic holiday of the year is rapidly coming and if you are still searching for the perfect gift you can stop now because we come with lots of ideas. What could be a better gift for your significant other and yourself than traveling together to some place beautiful and exciting. We tried not to include only the usual romantic places but also some more unusual Valentine’s Day destinations that can still be very romantic.

  • Air Berlin Valentine’s Day sale to Europe

    Air Berlin aircraft departing

    Air Berlin ©Andrey Belenko/Flickr

    Here’s our newest set of great travel deals. This week’s best pick is the  Air Berlin Valentine’s Day sale to Europe. Book a Europe flight for the spring by Valentine’s Day and travel from $599 r/t – with taxes.

    Our other choices include Puerto Rico vacations from $379, Vegas flights from $72 r/t and much more. Act before it all sells out!

  • The most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations for 2012



    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you want to surprise your other half with something truly special, then it’s about time you started planning. As Valentine’s Day has become really popular even in countries and cultures where the holiday doesn’t actually exist, more and more people will be on the lookout for some romantic spots where they can celebrate.

    Chocolate and flowers are nice gestures of affection, but nothing is better at showing that you can then a trip out of town. Whether you’re thinking of a short weekend getaway or maybe a week-long holiday, here are some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations for 2012.

  • Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world

    Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays in the US, but it is celebrated in many parts of the world. Different customs and traditions are linked to Valentine’s Day in different countries, but one thing that never changes is that people always try to express their love.

    February 14 is all about chocolates, Valentine cards and romantic dinners for the American people, but aren’t you curious how this holiday is celebrated around the world?

    Maybe you’ll find a country where there’s a tradition that you just can’t live without – and maybe even plan a trip for Valentine’s Day and celebrate it in the local style. Here are some Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world.

  • Top 5 Valentine’s Day Destinations for 2011

    Laguna Beach

    Laguna Beach

    There little less than one month until the most romantic holiday of the year, so if you have a significant other (and even if you’re single!), how about planning a short holiday?

    Since February 14 falls on a Monday, a weekend trip would be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s, even if on Monday you have to get back to work. So surprise your significant other with a trip to a romantic destination, or grab your friends and take a singles’ holiday anyway. Here are the top 5 Valentine’s Day destinations for 2011.

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