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  • Preparing for Thanksgiving 2011

    Some might say that it’s a bit early to start thinking about Thanksgiving Day already, seeing as it is at the end of November, but as everyone who has lived through disastrous holidays, planning ahead can save your from a lot of trouble.

    Since we know that preparing for a holiday that for most people means a gathering of the whole family (sometimes the extended family, even!), there are a lot of small details to take care of. Three months is plenty of time to perfect your plan for an awesome Thanksgiving Day with the people you love. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you in preparing for Thanksgiving 2011.

    Book your flight ticket early

    SinceĀ  most people get a few days off for Thanksgiving, this is an excellent opportunity to visit friends or family who live hundreds or thousands of miles away. Booking flights a few months in advance can save you a lot of money, especially since the rush for Thanksgiving flights and travel hasn’t really started yet.

    You might find some good deals now at the end of summer, and maybe you can even plan a nice getaway to a pleasant destination for the whole family or with your friends.

    Book weekend packages

    If you fancy a nice, pampering getaway for Thanksgiving, for yourself or for a group, there is a nice selection of all inclusive weekend packages available. Busy people might not have time to prepare a turkey, decorate or cook up dozens of dishes, but they can celebrate with a festive weekend where everything is taken care of. Find a rustic country inn, or a luxurious hotel, and sit back on Thanksgiving weekend.

    Choose your travel days

    Thanksgiving tends to be the busiest day for airports in countries where the holiday is celebrated, and many travelers find themselves waiting in airports, eating cold turkey while waiting for an opening on a flight, queuing or waiting for some delayed flight.

    So if you can manage to take an extra day off work, you will avoid a lot of stress and annoyance. Wednesday is the worst day to fly out for Thanksgiving, and Tuesday is the second worst, obviously, and the Saturday after Thanksgiving tends to be really hectic too, because that’s when many people return home.

    Avoid the busy airports

    If you can’t travel on a day that is not horrible for traveling around Thanksgiving, then try to pick a small airport that likely won’t be as crowded. Start looking for flights as soon as you can, because small airports might have less frequent flights than the large ones, and you should know in advance if you can count on them.


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