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  • A Santa Barbara Guide for Visitors

    The view from Stearns Wharf

    The view from Stearns Wharf

    Santa Barbara is called “the American Riviera” due to it’s exceptional climate, surroundings and scenic beaches. It is one of America’s top resorts. The halfway point between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the resort makes a top notch destination from both cities, for people all around the country, and even for people from all around the world. It is said that it is the starting point of Southern California.

  • Dos and don’ts in Travel for Singles on Valentine’s Day

    Walking in the sunset

    Walking in the sunset ©Damian Gadal/Flickr

    Everyone is talking about couples’ retreats and romantic travel ideas for Valentine’s Day, but hey, a lot of us will be singles on that day. That is why we come with a few ideas on where to travel as a single on Valentine’s day and also, where definitely not to travel if you do not want to be surrounded by loving couples and romantic songs all day long. 

  • Top 10 useful travel tips for your holiday

    Traveling is probably the best pastime in the world. What’s not to love about it? Seeing new and exciting  places, meeting interesting people, discovering cultures that might be completely different than your own…It all sounds great in theory, but even the best holiday can go wrong if you don’t prepare for it.

    If you’re traveling during the holiday season, everyone else if going to be traveling too, but don’t let the crowds, queues and bureaucracy sour your mood. Here are the top 10 useful travel tips or your holiday, which can just save you from a mental breakdown.

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