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January 15, 1975
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Naples, Italy
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1. Selena Museum - Corpus Christi, Texas (added on Feb 23, 2011)
2. National Aviary - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (added on Feb 20, 2011)
3. Golden West Casino - Bakersfield, California (added on Feb 8, 2011)
4. Roper's Ribs - Saint Louis, Missouri (added on Feb 6, 2011)
5. Lowry Park Zoo - Tampa, Florida (added on Jan 30, 2011)
6. Trader's Village - Arlington, Texas (added on Jan 25, 2011)
7. Lettuce Lake Park - Tampa, Florida (added on Jan 25, 2011)
8. Sokolowski's University Inn - Cleveland, Ohio (added on Jan 15, 2011)
9. Boulevard Brewing Company - Kansas City, Missouri (added on Dec 4, 2010)
10. Island Water Park - Fresno, California (added on Dec 3, 2010)
11. Sabino Canyon - Tucson, Arizona (added on Nov 28, 2010)
12. Belmont Mansion - Nashville, Tennessee (added on Nov 13, 2010)
13. El Paso Zoo - El Paso, Texas (added on Oct 27, 2010)
14. Levine Museum of the New South - Charlotte, North Carolina (added on Oct 21, 2010)
15. Little Talbot Island State Park - Jacksonville, Florida (added on Oct 14, 2010)
16. The Alamo - San Antonio, Texas (added on Oct 14, 2010)
17. Hotel Danieli - Venice, Italy (added on Sep 30, 2010)
18. The Jamek Mosque - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (added on Sep 28, 2010)
19. CN Tower - Toronto, Ontario (added on Sep 27, 2010)
20. Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West - Key West, Florida (added on Sep 16, 2010)
21. Ocean Park in Hong Kong - Hong Kong, China (added on Sep 6, 2010)
22. Visiting the Miami Metrozoo - An energizing activity - Miami, Florida (added on Aug 16, 2010)

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