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  • Pros and cons of vacation rental

    England cottage for rent

    England cottage ©CohenKenny/Flickr

    Apparently vacation rental is getting more and more popular in the US as well as Europe. It is not the traditional way of going on a getaway and many people are quite suspicious about trying it out although it can be quite cool.

    Ever had the same problem? Let me try to help you with that with some of the pros and cons of vacation rental and – as the first pro, watch this short video about how much fun you can have in your home away…

    Why choose vacation rental

    I do like hotels but sometimes like the lack of strangers. A home you rent is all yours for as long as you want it and can – more or less – do in it what you want. And still – in many cases – you have housekeeping, maintenance and so on!

    Vacation rental offers a very wide range of choices both geographically and financially. You can get an apartment in Florida, a villa in Greece, a cottage in England – it is really up to you!

    Costa Rica vacation rental

    Costa Rica villa ©Experience Costa Rica/Flickr

    You can actually save a pretty penny on food too. You can buy your own ingredients from the supermarket and cook it in ‘your’ kitchen. It can be a lot of money, especially if you are with a larger group.

    Big pro for vacation rental is that you have a lot more space than in a hotel. You will have larger rooms, your own living room, kitchen… all the space you have at home.

    Why people are cautious about vacation rental

    Many vacation rentals do not include towels and bedding items so you will have to bring these from home, which might be somewhat uncomfortable.

    Rental homes tend not to be in city centers, so you might need to either bring a car or rent one to get around. This is especially true for resorts in the mountains or beach houses.

    England cottage for rent

    England cottage ©CohenKenny/Flickr

    If there is no housekeeping for your vacation rental, you will have to clean up after yourself and arrange your own things. This might be a disadvantage for some, but I do not think it would be very bothering for me.

    The most important problem is trust. Sometimes you see nice pictures of a property online and reality comes out quite disappointing. Not even mentioning scams where they rent you properties that turn out not to exist. That is partly why you should stick with trustworthy agencies!


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