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  • 6 nights Greece vacation for $909 pp

    Santorini beach

    Santorini beach ©Joanne Yeung/Flickr

    Here comes another collection of the best travel deals one can find, like Greece vacations for $909 per person. Spend 6 nights at beautiful Greek locations like Athens, Mykonos, Kusadasi, Patmos, Crete or Santorini and have the vacation of a lifetime.

    The week’s best travel deals also include all-inclusive Costa Rica vacations from $629 per person, cheap Asia airfares from $607 on major airlines or The Windham New Yorker hotel under $200 per night. Book right now, these deals may sell out in a glance.

  • 7 nights Greek Island cruises from $1119

    Splendour of the Seas

    Splendour of the Seas ©El coleccionista de instantes/Flickr

    Our deal hunters were busy again finding the best cruise deals, including Royal Caribbean cruises to the Greek Islands from $1,119 pp. Get 7 nights cruises to the Mediterranean onboard the Splendour of the Seas through September 2014 and save big.

    The cheapest cruise we have found is a 7 nights Western Caribbean offer under $50 per day, the most exotic one is a luxury cruise to Tahiti for a week starting at $2199 pp, but if you want something wild, choose our Alaska cruises for the summer from $519 pp. Hurry, these deals will sell out in a glance!

  • The most beautiful cliff diving spots in the world

    La Quebrada Cliffs, photo by prayitno on Flickr

    The list of adrenaline-raising, potentially life threatening and utterly crazy extreme sports seems to be getting longer every year, but a would-be adventurer can always return to old classics that were popular before everything else requiring hi-tech equipment. Jumping off a cliff is one of the simplest things a traveler can do, and not even because the hotel had bad service or food, but rather for the sheer fun of it. Cliff diving is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, but it has been practiced by people for centuries, and it even has a world federation today. But as much fun as cliff diving can be, it is always better when you find a stunning location for your death defying act. Here are some of the most beautiful cliff diving spots in the world.

  • Visiting the oldest cities in the world

    Quito, photo by slopjop on Flickr

    It might seem almost strange that the neon colored jungles that are modern big cities could be anything but brand new, and living completely in the present.

    But most cities don’t need to look old in order to be old, and while you might be walking down a newly paved alley fringed with modern cafes and restaurants, it’s possible that others have walked on the same streets a few millennia ago.

  • The best boat trips in the world

    Halong Bay, photo by Joseph Hunkins

    Plane travel has all but replaced other ways of getting around the world, like trains or boats – why spend days or weeks to cross the ocean when you can do it in less than a day? While flying sure is practical, in some parts of the world boats are the most convenient (and sometimes the only) way to get around a destination. The view from the water is often better than the view from the shore, so if you find yourself in a particularly nice place near water, taking a short boat trip can never hurt! Here are some of the best trips in the world, some shorter and some longer, but all of them with some great scenery to offer.

  • Budget travel destinations for 2012

    Egypt, photo by Nina Hale

    Depending on how the world economy turns out, currency rates change and political troubles brew, the budget-conscious traveler’s to-see list can change every year. Some destinations can suddenly become affordable, or maybe they have always been on the cheaper side but they didn’t get the attention they deserved. Whatever the reason, every year there are a few favorites when it comes to budget travel, and even if you hadn’t considered visiting them anytime soon, there is no better time for it than now. So if you want to make sure that you save as much money as possible while still getting to see some amazing places, take a look at some of the best budget travel destinations for 2012.

  • Where to celebrate Easter in 2012

    Rio de Janeiro, photo by Jorje Andrade

    April is still a long way off, but when planning a trip it’s never too early to start thinking about where to go, when to go, and to snoop out any possible deals for accommodation and travel. This is the perfect time to look at some possible destinations for Easter if you don’t want to spend it at home. In many parts of the world that celebrate Easter there are numbers of interesting holiday customs and traditions that make a trip interesting even for non-religious folks. So here are some suggestions on where to celebrate Easter in 2012.

  • Responsible travel: a guide to agro-tourism

    photo by warrenski on Flickr

    Agro-tourism, also called agritourism, is one of the newest trends in the world of travel. Green travel allows you to help preserve the environment as much as possible without giving up on actually traveling, but agro-tourism does more than that: it involves in you activities that make tourism more sustainable. Agro-tourism, to put it simply, implies spending time on a farm, working or just enjoying country life, picking fruit or feeding animals, and even doing harder jobs that allow you to pay for your holiday. In all cases, agro-tourism is an active sort of tourism that lands you with some useful experience, and often makes it possible for you to travel practically for free. Here’s one of the best way to indulge in responsible travel: a guide to agro-tourism.

  • The best castle towns in the world

    Rothenburg ob der Tauber, photo by Destination Europe on Flickr

    In ages past, when castles were being built by the hundreds, little towns would often spring up around them, leaching off the wealth and protection of the castle’s lords and ladies. And while castle towns are a fixture in most European countrie, they are not limited to the Old World. Pretty towns with large castles looming over them can be found all over the world, and if the castle is interesting, then the community built around it is no less intriguing. If you feel like taking a step back in time to the glorious days of Medieval Europe or Asia, and even North America (without getting acquainted with any of the horrors of the Middle Ages), then take a trip to some of the best castle towns in the world.

  • The weirdest travel destinations for 2012

    Meteora - ©cod_gabriel/Flickr

    With the prospect of the end of the world looming over us in 2012, travelers should do well to make the most of this year. All jokes aside, 2012 might as well be the year of wacky travel, and even if your travel destinations are usually vanilla, you should definitely slip in some weirdness too. Some places in the world are simply so outlandish that they are worth visiting based on that fact alone. If you want to see or do something unusual, you might consider taking a trip to some of the weirdest travel destinations for 2012.

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