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  • Medical travel in the Caribbean

    Patient at the dentist

    At the dentist ©^@^ina (Irina Patrascu)/Flickr

    When it comes to medical services abroad, for US patients it is most convenient to travel to nearby places such as Mexico or the Caribbean. In a few years medical travel in the Caribbean will be blooming because of the new investors that come to its countries to build new hospitals.

    Let see what are the advantages of visiting the Caribbean for a medical procedure and what can the exotic islands offer you what it’s not all about vacations and having fun on one of the sunny beaches.

    The situation of the Caribbean

    The acknowledged Barbados Fertility Clinic that helps hundreds of people each year gets about 80% of its patients from abroad, partly from other Caribbean countries, partly from the United States.

    Beautiful Barbados beach

    Take a baby home from Barbados ©Sean O’Shaughnessy/Flickr

    Different countries on the Caribbean have different solutions to your health issues. Those seeking a good addiction treatment center should travel to Antigua and Barbuda while  St. Lucia is a great spot for those interested in the solutions offered by alternative medicine and facilities in Trinidad and Tobago provide orthopedic and ophthalmology services and cosmetic surgeries of different kinds.

    Medical travel in the broader region

    If we take in consideration the broader region of the Caribbean, larger countries like Brazil, Costa Rica or Mexico and Panama still dominate the medical travel industry. Thousands of people would got to Brazil for cosmetic as well as plastic surgery while Costa Rica is probably the most famous non-US country offering medical services in dentistry.

    Patient at the dentist

    At the dentist ©^@^ina (Irina Patrascu)/Flickr

    Another very popular, though unlikely, destination in Cuba that has got the highest number of doctors per capita in the world and many good hospitals specialized in – but not exclusively in – eye and skin disorder treatments. Medical tourism brings the country about $50 million a year. Because of the embargo, most of the patients traveled to Cuba from Europe, Asia and from within the Caribbean, but now it is easier to enter the country legally.

    Accredited Caribbean hospitals

    Joint Commission International is a non-profit organization based in the US that provides accreditation to health care facilities all over the world. Many Caribbean hospitals already have this highly acclaimed and desired accreditation including the aforementioned Barbados Fertility Clinic.

    The logo of Joint Commission International

    The logo of Joint Commission International

    The public hospital in Bermuda has got a Department of Pathology that is also accredited by JCI while Panama has got two entire hospitals acknowledged by the same institution. There is a long list of accredited hospitals that you should do wisely to check out before choosing where to be ill!

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