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  • Insurance providers and medical travel

    At the doctor for eye examination

    Eye examination at the doctor

    Nowadays medical tourism is accepted on a mainstream level thanks to numerous factors including rising medical costs in the US, cheap but high quality facilities appearing worldwide, from Mexico through India to Vietnam and people becoming more open-minded about connecting an exotic vacation with a -let’s say – hip replacement.

    But what do insurance providers have to say about that? With these very fast changes they also have to change their policies and services to accommodate the new needs of their clients.

    Medical travel and Americans

    If we can believe the estimations of Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 750,000 US citizens travel to other countries for medical care every year and it is constantly growing while people travel to all over the world for services.

    When the Medical Tourism Association held its 6th annual conference about global healthcare and medical tourism, they have connected medical providers from about 200 countries including Nigeria, Turkey, Costa Rica and India. The goal was to make contact between companies, facilities and doctors to make future work together easier.

    Surgery at a hospital

    Surgery can be very expensive

    Medical travel is now a billion dollar business concerning all Americans who want to escape the high costs of different medical services. Did you know what a $15,000 US face lift only costs $6,000 in Costa Rica and less than $5,000 in India or Mexico? But medical travel is not only about cosmetic surgery. A knee replacement can cost $50,000 at home but if you travel to Mexico or Costa Rica, you would pay $12,000 and the same thing in India is about $6,000. Those are immense differences!

    Medical Insurance Providers

    After the passage of the Affordable Care Act in the US, patients can expect lower medical care costs, more control over their insurance, expanded coverage and more. Thanks to this, huge health insurance providers like Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross and are planning to expand their coverage for that to include medical tourism and medical travel.

    At the doctor for eye examination

    Eye examination at the doctor

    As an extra to the new openness of insurance companies, 360 Global Health and other medical tourism facilitators have specialized in connecting US patients with accredited hospitals and doctors abroad to make traveling for medical attention safer and easier. So why not pack your suitcase and – while receiving quality medical attention – explore the countries of the world as well…


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