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  • Summer travel planning: 5 volunteering destinations

    Kathmandu, Nepal, photo by lavenderstreak on FlickrSummer is the best time for a holiday in many parts of the world, but it can also be a peak season when prices can be really high. There’s a lazy,laid back atmosphere floating around in summer that makes you want to take off to some remote part of the world and forget about work or school for a while. And while summer holidays have always been popular, a rising trend among vacationers is to go on volunteering holidays. People volunteer for a variety of reasons, some because they genuinely want to help, and others as a way of expanding their horizons and traveling far away on a tight budget. Whatever your motivations, here are some ideas for your summer travel planning: 5 volunteering destinations where you can share your skills, do some good and meet fellow travelers and locals.

  • The best uninhabited islands that you can visit

    Eil Malk, Palau, photo by Lakshmi Sawitri on Flickr

    It was probably easier to end up staying on a desert island centuries ago than nowadays, so those adventurous travelers who want to play at becoming Robinson Crusoe will make to make an effort to be forgotten on some remote island or other. But what you can do quite easily nowadays is visit an uninhabited island – you and many other curious travelers. Just because an island is uninhabited it doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of people who will want to visit it, and just as many people willing to arrange a visit for you. You won’t feel completely like a castaway, but if you like ‘stranded on a desert island’ stories, you will love some of the best uninhabited islands that you can visit.

  • The world’s best travel experiences for thrill seekers

    Sydney Harbor Bridge, photo by Kevin Gibbons

    For some people, traveling is an opportunity to meet new people, see interesting places and discover cultures other than their own. For others, it’s not so much what they see, but how they see it. Adrenaline junkies can appreciate scenery just as well as any other person, but the if you’re hurtling towards the scenery at a dazzling speed, or rushing past it down a dangerous river, then the scenery is a hundred times better. If you prefer to churn out even the last drop of excitement out of every opportunity, then you will probably want to try some of the world’s best travel experiences for thrill seekers.

  • The best spots in the world to learn how to surf

    photo by Timo Balk

    There’s evidence that suggests that surfing might be one of the oldest sports on the planet, and the idea of riding the waves has likely come up when humans first started swimming in the ocean. Historians of surfing are not in agreement yet whether surfing was invented in Peru or Hawaii, but the bottom line is that surfing is old. People have been learning how to surf for millennia, but that doesn’t mean that surfing is a piece of cake. Surf breaks can differ radically, and trying to get down the basics at the wrong break will be difficult, and will probably make you a nuisance for experienced surfers. If you want to know which are the best places to start, here are the best spots in the world to learn how to surf.

  • The coolest rainforest destinations in the world

    Corcovado National Park, photo by Miguel Vieira on Flickr

    Our planet would not be the same if we didn’t have rainforests, and the world as we know it would most likely be replaced by a harsher, much more inhospitable place. Rainforests produce almost a third of the planet’s oxygen turnover, they are home to more then a half of the world’s species and their are vast natural pharmacies where a quarter of our natural medicine originates from these majestic places. Some of the most incredible wonders of the world can be found in rainforests – animals, plants and natural environments that are so beautiful that they take your breath away. Delve into the mysterious world of rainforests by visiting some of the coolest rainforest destinations in the world.

  • Top 5 destinations for volunteering


    The main reason why you should consider volunteering abroad is to make a difference in the world – there’s no replicating the satisfaction you get from knowing that you helped out, even if only a little bit. But then again, there are some more worldly reasons too for choosing volunteering: you get to travel, and you get to travel with your expenses partly covered by someone else. If you are on a tight budge, volunteering is a great way to see the world without breaking the bank. There are lots of volunteering opportunities abroad that will cover accommodation and meals, and sometimes even travel costs. So if you feel like you can change the world and you want to have fun while doing it, here are top 5 destinations for volunteering.

  • Adventure travel in Costa Rica

    Arenal volcano

    Costa Rica, a Central American country that can claim to be one of the most popular green travel destinations in the world, is one of those places on the planet where you can embark on an adventure as soon as you get off the plane.

    In Costa Rica, an adventure is always lurking behind the corner because although urban areas are not at all boring, it’s the exquisite natural regions that take up much of the territory and attract throngs of eco-friendly travelers who are mindful of the environment and try to leave everything as they found it.

    If you like your trips rough, down to earth and peppered with interesting nature, plants, animals and lots of exciting activities, then you should definitely give adventure travel in Costa Rica a chance.

  • Weird vegetables and where to eat them

    Chayote, photo by debaird

    Seen any weird looking veggies at the fresh fruit stall, and you don’t know what to make of them? If you can’t make head or tail of some of these weird looking produce and you’re not sure whether you’re supposed to eat them or use them as doorstops, travel to the homeland of the strange vegetable see what the locals do with it.

    Some veggies that look weird or inedible to you are delicacies at their place of origin, and since it’s better to eat a dish when it’s prepared in the country where it comes from. So if you are eager to experience some new tastes and textures, her’s a list of some weird vegetables and where to eat them.

  • Budget travel destinations for summer 2011


    Summer is the perfect season for holidays, and a summer without a holiday is a summer that has not been exploited fully. If you’re worried about your budget, you still shouldn’t give up your summer holiday, because there are a lot of destinations that don’t require you to spend an inordinate amount of money.

    Fun on a budget is possible, especially in summer, when there are tons of deals and offers for travelers. So if you want some tips on which places are budget-friendly this summer, here’s a list of budget travel destinations for summer 2011.

  • Travel destinations for coffee addicts

    Traveling often entails lots of sleepless hours waiting for trains or buses, uncomfortable naps in airports and the occasional z’s one some hurdling means of transport… in these conditions, it’s surprising that not all travelers are addicted to caffeine during their trips.

    And if you’re a coffee addict in day to day life too, your craving for a hot cuppa are probably even worse when you’re traveling. So here’s an idea for coffee addicts: travel to a place where there’s plenty of good coffee (Startbucks or other cafe chains don’t count). Here are some of the best travel destinations for coffee addicts.

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