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  • The Czech Republic as a medical travel hotspot

    Doctor at surgery

    Doctor at surgery ©Vishal Kapoor/Flickr

    As some other Central and Eastern European countries, the Czech Republic had also become a very popular medical travel destination in the last years. According to Pravo, a Czech daily newspaper, foreigners spend millions of dollars in the country on various medical  services.

    The most popular procedures for medical tourists in the Czech Republic include plastic surgeries, assisted reproduction and surgical treatment of obesity. Most of the foreign patients are from Western Europe and Russia, but US citizens also started to discover the country.

    Why be treated in the Czech Republic?

    One obvious reason behind the popularity of the country is that one can save over 50% on numerous medical services compared to western countries. At the same time the quality of the treatments and services are very competitive plus conditions in hospitals are great.

    Prague skyline

    Prague skyline ©Joanna Kalafatis/Flickr

    But also, as plastic surgery is a popular choice among foreigners, people who want to conceal from their friends that they have ‘updated’ their bodies would do that far away from home and the Czech Republic is great for that.

    Popularity is growing

    According to the above mentioned newspaper the popularity of travel to the Czech Republic for medical reasons is growing. In 2013 more patients sought treatment in the country and they have spent a significantly larger amount of money compared to previous years.

    Let the numbers speak

    While a breast augmentation – the most popular plastic surgery – costs about $5,500 in the UK and about $4,500 in Germany, you can get it for ‘only’ abut $3,000 in the Czech Republic. So it is especially tempting for ladies.

    Doctor at surgery

    Doctor at surgery ©Vishal Kapoor/Flickr

    Fertility clinics are so popular that in 2013 alone an IVF company declared to have carried out about 5,000 in vitro fertilisation cycles on foreign patients. Let us add that such procedures are this popular among medical tourists because of the comparatively flexible legislation in this department.

    The future of medical travel

    A new European Union directive is expected to bring another boom into the Czech medical travel industry. The directive would allow EU patients with medical insurance to apply for a given medical service/ treatment in another EU country if that is not available in their own country within a certain period.

    Modern hospital building

    Modern hospital building Phillip/Flickr

    But as medical travel is becoming almost fashionable in the US, it is probable that more US patients will find the country a desirable option. After all, the Czech Republic has got lots of beautiful places that are perfect for a recovery.

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