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  • Pros and cons of vacation rental

    England cottage for rent

    England cottage ©CohenKenny/Flickr

    Apparently vacation rental is getting more and more popular in the US as well as Europe. It is not the traditional way of going on a getaway and many people are quite suspicious about trying it out although it can be quite cool.

    Ever had the same problem? Let me try to help you with that with some of the pros and cons of vacation rental and – as the first pro, watch this short video about how much fun you can have in your home away…

  • 5 reasons to backpack in Southeast Asia

    Bangkok, photo by Divya Manian

    If that old and worn out travel cliche, the country/city/place of contradictions is to apply to anything in the world, that place must surely be Southeast Asia. Even among the many wonders of the vast and varied Asian continent, Southeast Asia stands out as one of the most colorful, rich and poor, modern and traditional and simply vibrant parts of the Earth. If you are an outsider, Southeast Asia is never quite what you’ve expected, and it will likely keep surprising you each time you return. For a backpacker, Southeast Asia is the stuff travel dreams are made of, but deciding to invest a lot of time, energy and travel funds into a tour of this region is not a decision that should be taken lightly. If you need a nudge, here are 5 reasons to backpack in Southeast Asia.

  • The traveler’s guide to WWOOF-ing

    photo by Peter Blanchard on Flickr

    Traveling is no longer such a bug deal like a century ago, and even the most budget conscious traveler can find ways to visit some of the most faraway and wonderful places on the planet. Even traveling on a shoestring can be eco-conscious and sustain local conomies, but there are others ways to discover some of the most beautiful spots in the world without making a dent in your savings. WWOOF-ing, better known as World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, by no means a lazy holiday, but it is the kind of vacation that will allow you to gain insights into your host culture, into the ways of the land, and even teach you a thing or two. Here’s a traveler’s guide to WWOOF-ing, for those who are looking into novels ways of experiencing travel.

  • The best green travel experiences you can try

    Elephant Nature Park, Thailand, photo by kafka4prez on Flickr

    Staying at a nice hotel, enjoying fine food at fancy restaurants and lounging by the poolside is not the kind of holiday that many can refuse, but as pleasant as it sounds, it does take a toll on the planet. If you are trying to make your travels a bit greener, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up all luxury, all the time, because even a few eco-activities every now and then can make a difference too. And even if you decide to go green all the way, you will hardly get bored – there are more than enough green ways to enjoy your holiday! Here are some of the best green travel experiences you can try.

  • A traveler’s guide to dealing with culture shock

    photo by fdecomite

    Unless you staying at an isolated resort and you do your best to avoid going outside the resort’s premises, you can’t avoid experiencing a different culture when traveling, and why would you? Culture shock can be exhausting and downright scary, but it happens to every traveler who visits a country that is fundamentally different from their own for the first time. And after you get over the initial phase, you being discovering the nuts and bolts of the place you are visiting, and you start enjoying the bits of culture that you see and learn. A different culture will always have parts that you’ll find interesting, amusing and sometimes strange or disturbing, but these are all things that will make your trip worthwhile. Here is a traveler’s guide to dealing with culture shock, in case you’re trying to minimize the impact.

  • Tips on dealing with lost luggage

    photo by Ian Knox

    Never let it be said that traveling is not an adventure, even if you are just taking a plane to a resort and you plan on kicking back on doing nothing. All sorts of things can happen to you while on a trip, and although some unforseen events can spice up your holiday and leave you with great memories, there is a lot that can go wrong: like losing your luggage. And since most travelers are mindful of their possessions and keep an eye on their packs all the time, there are other higher powers that are not quite as concerned with the status of your luggage. So when your luggage has gotten lost, don’t panic and don’t instantly decide that your holiday is ruined – there are tips on dealing with lost luggage that can save the day!

  • 5 essential tips for the Rio carnival

    photo by

    In Brazil, the carnival before Lent is probably the single most important event of the year, and it is celebrated throughout the ‘s the country, but it’s Rio carnival that became famous all over the world. Each day of the carnival, over two million people flood the streets of Rio de Janeiro, putting on the biggest party on the planet. The Rio carnival is a tradition that goes back to over two centuries ago, and each year it’s getting more and more resplendent. The main parade is made up by floats and people from the city’s many samba schools, which use the carnival as an opportunity to showcase their talents and compete with each other.¬† If you want to make sure that you don’t get lost in the sea of colors, beads, feathers and music that is the parade, here are 5 essential tips for the Rio carnival for those who attend it for the first time.

  • The world’s most famous cruise ships

    Carnival Magic, photo by Juan Ramon Rodriguez Sosa

    For a long time, cruise ships have been a sign of pure and unadulterated luxury, and although nowadays cruises have become available to people who are not necessarily filthy rich or famous, there still are some ships around that like to preserve some measure of elitism. Often, these are the most famous ships in the world, the ones that budget-conscious travelers can only dream of. Cruise ships that shower you with every possible amenity and comfort are the ones that are most talked about, and some are so well known that they’ve become the stuff of legends. If you are intent on splurging and spoiling yourself or if you are simply keeping an eye out for some deals that will allow you to taste luxury for a small price, take a look at this list of the world’s most famous cruise ships.

  • 5 luxury travel destinations which are actually affordable

    photo by Lee Coursey on Flickr

    Some people like to travel rough, with only minimal luggage stuff in a battered backpack, a tiny budget and a taste for adventure. But even the most passionate alternative lifestyle-adept independent traveler will have to admit that she or he has dreamed at least once of stepping into the shoes of luxury travelers – ditch the tiring all-nighter trips, crowded hostels and cheap food, and soak in a spa, sleep in lavish beds and be waited on hand and foot. But although five-star hotels and first class flights are still the domain of the rich traveler, even the average tourist can afford some luxury in some great destinations around the world. Here are 5 luxury travel destinations which are actually affordable.

  • Solo travel tips: getting used to traveling alone

    photo by Angela Granger

    For those who are used to traveling in groups, with friends or family, solo travel can sound like a cross between a nightmare and the biggest adventure of their lives. But traveling alone is nowhere near the tragedy it might seem to be the first time. Solo travelers from around the world have found the way to enjoy themselves while traveling alone and make more of their holiday than even when they’re traveling with other people. There are many advantages to solo travel – making up your own schedule, visiting whatever you like without making compromises, meeting a lot of locals and fellow travelers and learning to rely on yourself. But traveling alone can get lonely, and the solo travel blues can really ruin the trip of a lifetime. But all you need are some solo travel tips: getting used to traveling alone is not impossible, after all.

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