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  • Tips on dealing with lost luggage

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    Never let it be said that traveling is not an adventure, even if you are just taking a plane to a resort and you plan on kicking back on doing nothing. All sorts of things can happen to you while on a trip, and although some unforseen events can spice up your holiday and leave you with great memories, there is a lot that can go wrong: like losing your luggage.

    And since most travelers are mindful of their possessions and keep an eye on their packs all the time, there are other higher powers that are not quite as concerned with the status of your luggage. So when your luggage has gotten lost, don’t panic and don’t instantly decide that your holiday is ruined – there are tips on dealing with lost luggage that can save the day!

    Have a carry-on bag

    Don’t put all your stuff in one bag, and most importantly, don’t put any really important things in a bag that you’ll be separated from. Most airlines allow you to bring a carry-on pack with you on the plane, so pack some essentials and clothes in the bag. In the event that your luggage is misplaced, at least you won’t find yourself without clean socks.

    Arrive early

    If you’re traveling by plane, you already know that it’s better to arrive early and get everything done in time. This also applies for luggage: if there is plenty of time to screen your luggage and send it to the appropriate gate, the likelihood of its getting lost is significantly lower. Arrive at least two hours earlier, drop off your luggage, and maybe have a nice meal or browse through the airport shops.

    Label your bag

    Although this tip won’t help airport staff find your bags faster, it will make it easier to claim your bag when it is eventually found. If your bag comes with a tag holder, use it, and it doesn’t hurt to purchase a label at the airport check in counter. Once your luggage is found, no one will sit around wondering whether this is indeed your luggage, or if it belongs to some other unfortunate traveler.

    Lock your luggage

    Some luggage is simply misplaced without any mean intentions, but sometimes luggage is nicked by someone who thinks they will find some useful things among your personal belongings. Lock your bag, and make the lock as visible as possible – the sight of a secure bag is enough to discourage some would-be luggage thieves.

    Don’t delay

    If you find that your bags are missing, don’t dawdle and file a report at the lost bags desk as soon as you can. It is possible that your bags were merely delayed and they’re coming on the next flight, but you want to be on the safe side, especially if all your holiday gear is in that bag.

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