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  • The best green travel experiences you can try

    Elephant Nature Park, Thailand, photo by kafka4prez on Flickr

    Staying at a nice hotel, enjoying fine food at fancy restaurants and lounging by the poolside is not the kind of holiday that many can refuse, but as pleasant as it sounds, it does take a toll on the planet. If you are trying to make your travels a bit greener, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up all luxury, all the time, because even a few eco-activities every now and then can make a difference too.

    And even if you decide to go green all the way, you will hardly get bored – there are more than enough green ways to enjoy your holiday! Here are some of the best green travel experiences you can try.

    Volunteer at an animal sanctuary

    If you like animals and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then volunteering at a sanctuary for wild animals is a great way to make the most of your holiday, gain potentially useful experience and do something good for the local community.

    Sanctuaries like the Elephant Nature Park accept volunteers for as little as a week, and you don’t even need any prior experience with working with animals. Volunteering can be fun, and will definitely raise your green cred.

    Ride a bike

    photo by Charlie Vinz

    Unless you are going to someplace particularly rainy or snowy, you can skip public transport in favor of getting around on a bike. Many cities around the world have initiatives that put free (or very cheap) bikes at the disposal of locals and tourists alike.

    Even if you can’t rent the bike for free, the rental fee might as well be lower than what you would pay for public transport. Plus, imagine the joy of riding your bike on the cobbled streets of an old town.

    Choose eco-accommodation

    You don’t have to camp out in the wild, renouncing all facilities that can might life pleasant just in order to be green. As eco-travel is becoming more and more popular all over the globe, there is an ever-growing number of eco-lodges and even eco-luxury retreats where you can enjoy hot showers, electricity and other perks without harming the environment as much as a regular hotel would. You can find eco-lodges in the African bush, the Amazonian rainforest, and other spectacular locations.

    Go on an eco-friendly tour

    There are plenty of tour companies that aren’t too concerned with sustainable travel or encouraging the local economy, but if you wantto go on a guilt-free tour, you ca look up some companies that offer eco-friendly tours. Embark on an adventure tour in the wilderness, or on a cultural tour that will allow you to respectfully immerse yourself into a culture that might be very different from your own.

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